Giving up part 3

Honestly if it was the me last year, i would have given up and quit already. But then i realize that i only felt like like giving up because its getting harder and when it gets hard, you are closer to your destination.

So the temptation to quit will intrigue you, like mad! But every time the thought pass by, i try not to think too much of that and try another way to do whatever necessary to finish my thesis.

Honestly its an everyday battle, your mood are like a roller coaster ride, but your spirit grows stronger every time you try again. So i have to keep on trying because my fight have just begun. And i wont give up until i have put a good fight. Challenge accepted! heh!

With this, i would like to thank some of my followers (& friends esp my family)  who have been giving me so much support, as simple as giving a good time or an ear to listen to my never-ending rants on how cruel the world have been haha (you know who you are!)

Its true what my friends who have finished their thesis once said who you were when you register as a student, who you are when you are actually doing your research (each passing year hehe) and who you will be when you have finish your thesis will never be the same person.

This goes out to you people doing research like me or whatever you are working on. Don’t let anything stop you from trying again, you are your own worst enemy.But don’t be too hard on yourself okay? Take it easy , have some fun in between and enjoy the roller coaster ride!

This is the hard time, but this too shall pass. All the best! 🙂