Movie Review: The Book of Life 2014

At first i was expecting something dark like Tim Burton’s but boy I was wrong! This one were full of beautiful cover like Radiohead’s – Creep, Falling in Love with you – Elvis, I will wait for you, and ‘He’s just a friend’ . But also, original number like No matter where you are , I love you too much , The Apology Song were just as good.

Its too bad that the trailer didn’t highlight that part, else it would have attracted more people to watch it. The trailer are the most important part of a movie, since its what will attract the movie goers (Even for a well known director)

This piece by Guillermo Del Toro surprised me, since the last time I watch his movies are Pan’s Labyrinth (painfully awesome!) and Pacific Rim. So it took me by surprise how beautiful this movie was made. I had really a good time watching it.


p/s: i prefer the second trailer though (x)


Review: CEO


For someone who rarely watch malay movie, just to save myself from the headache and temptation to trash the quality of the movies nowadays ( this doesnt mean the hollywood movies are any better)

I must admit that, CEO gave me no reason at all to say anything but  good things, i had a good laugh and enjoyable time through out the whole film. Even though i am not a fan of Remy Ishak, but he did manage to make me like his character by then.

I do love Crissie and Beto together (after Redza Minhat) , but i hope that in the future, Crissie can take up a more emotionally challenged character than a safe everyone’s sweetheart. Since i believe she can give her own character some spice in it for some change. However, i still do love you Crissie…hehe

As for Remy, i would like to give a special credit for changing some of his acting style, it was totally unexpected for him to come up with a ‘theatrical’ side in him which only those who watch this movie will know what i mean. It was certainly a good twist , either purposely done by the film maker, or the initiative of the actor himself. Whoever responsible to that deserve the credit, as well as Remy himself for changing his acting style.

Beto, pulled off his character pretty well, and continously surprise me. Since in Aku, Dia & Tong Sampah, he was not as hilarious as Pian did. But he still have that sweet guy touch in him without overdoing it.

The movie, did managed to give two different perspective of what is the true meaning of being rich and poor according to their own perspective. Therefore while we laugh about all the things that happened between Beto & Remy life changes, we did somehow understood the message of this movie. If you dont get it by then, thats too bad.

I do however hope that there would be more scene between Pian & Nina since all they do was spend most of their time in the office. I thought they would be joking around in the office probably racing each other on a chair, playing with the photocopy machine, or something that draws them closer other than just working together and somehow hide inside Tan Sri’s cupboard. But i guess, thats not up to me but the directors creativity.

The lift scene when Pian brought his friends over to his house was hilarious, as well as swimming pool, but i wonder what happen to Pian’s manager who asked about his aim in life, she somehow left the scene without proper goodbye? Oh well, cant do much since i understand there is time constraint in making movies. So its probably not necessary.

Overall, its a good movie, that will give you a good laugh especially the Drum beat scene, i cant remember what technique was that called when you make a comedy, but its a good punchline without needing any script to be repeating the same joke in different style.

So, for those who haven’t watched it, go and watch it fast since malay movie running time dont last long enough compared to hollywood movies.