Takut (Al-Khauf) dan Penuh Harap ( Ar-Raja’)

Abi shared about not giving up on Allah’s hope even if it seemed impossible to see the outcome.

Tawakkal is having full trust and believe that Allah swt is powerful over everything and that we must never give up on the blessings (rahmat) of Allah swt. Even in darkness we must continue to have faith in His plan and timings .

Even in darkness we must continue to have faith in His plan and timings. And take every chances and time we have by being there for each other

Alhamdulillah, even though it has been more than a month our beloved Um was hospitalized and have passed 2 weeks in ICU. We will strive to remain hopeful of Allah’s mercy and love towards Um and our family.

Although there were times we felt broken and shaking, fearing of the unknown and yet hoping for the best. We will continue to believe that Allah swt hears our please and endless doa from those who prays for Um together with us.

We are deeply touched by everyone who came, text, support and help in ways we never expect.

We are happy to know one of Um’s last Phd student passed his viva last week and made solat hajat for her well being. He came and visit both before and after his viva, praying for Um’s well being. Its through him we found out Allah swt have made it easy for him through Um’s effort getting him to do his viva before she was hospitalized. Um have transferred all her students to another supervisor as she retires. And that have made it easy for them to continue their study under a better supervisor she trusts.

Old friends and relatives came to visit endlessly for the past week, even some recovered from Cancer, ICU previously shared their experience that helped to strengthen us. We are not always strong but Allah swt sent each one of us to make each other strong. Alhamdulillah.

We believe Allah swt will also hears us and everyone she touches in her life and we ask all of you the same towards Um’s journey. All of us is afterall in a journey back to Allah swt but how we respond to each steps we take in the journey will make a difference as long as we fear Allah swt but not make us doubt and lose hope on Allah swt, The Most Merciful, The Listener, The Most Loving, and The One and Only.

Indeed this journey is not Um alone but us all in this together.

“So which of the favor of Your Lord do you deny?”

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