Bismillah, 2019

I learnt to walk at my own pace,  that its okay if I don’t own a car,  grab kan ade 😆

It’s okay,  if I don’t have my own house,  I still have my own room, a home and family to come back to.

Its okay if I may not 100% financially independent yet but at least I’m debt free.

Sometime we are too busy looking at other peoples progress in life,  but we forget to look back at our own progress.

A friend reminded me that although I may not think that I am successful but to my friends – I am living their dream job. Although I may not notice this,  she said I have been taking small steps that led me to where I am now.  That in itself is an accomplishment – which was very personal to me,  as I struggle to be content with the detours and whatever comes my way.  Being happy is a choice I make everyday and try to see things positively.

Sometimes things don’t go our way because God wants us to take us to a different path,  laid only for us,  we alone can go through that journey. Sometimes,  its also to protect us from harm that we may come across if we take the wrong path. Sometimes,  its the only way to grow because there are lessons that we need to learn and master first before becoming an expert at our chosen path.

Everyone was born for a particular purpose , we don’t really have to think too much on our purpose and keep the rest of our worries for Him. Whatever happens,  it have been written for us even before we were born.  All we have to do is continue living the best we can and live our life one day at a time.

So use wisely the 24 hours we have each day for it may also be the last day on earth.  Jodoh,  Ajal,  Maut semua ditangan Allah swt.  So it is best to treat each day as the first and last day on earth. Only then,  all the trivials,  egoism and whatever unnecessary drama can be removed from us.

Start focusing on our own self growth , care for our own health and as muslim,  we are the Caliph… So take care of ourselves,  family,  and environment. Everyone is a steward of the earth, we may not change the world but if each one of us can make small changes in how they care for their environment,  will make a big impact to the world around them.

The only competition is ourselves… But don’t beat ourselves up just because we are not there yet,  take a break and look how far you’ve gone. Small steps adds up to the bigger things in life …one day we will arrive to where we were meant to be but until we stop trying to force thing to go faster,  learn to slow down and Master our unsettling heart with patience by accepting our shortcomings. There is no shortcut in success, no baby can instantly run after being born,  we need to learn how to fall to learn how to get up again,  and success is a quiet path…

Like a seed that grows root before it becomes a tree.  Bagaikan buah kelapa,  campak ke laut menjadi Pulau. Seribu guna dan manfaatnya 😆

Happy New Year everyone,

May we continue to become better than last year,  may our prayers accepted and our life protected from any harm…also our health and suffice us with His rizq and mercy over us when we make mistakes.  May Allah swt lead us back to His path should we forget Him and remind us in the softest way possible that is not too hard for us.  May Allah swt ease our journey and strengthen our heart in whatever challenges written for us.

God bless.

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