Bicara @ Muzium, Melayu Merentasi Samudera: Capetown

cape malay muzium

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Thank you Jabatan Muzium Negara especially Muzium Etnologi Dunia Melayu for inviting me to this talk, it was a pleasure to be able to share my research on the Cultural Heritage of the Cape Malays in Capetown. Who would have known that from that one decision to visit Capetown lead to this, also thanks to The Vocket for publishing my articles on my visit to Capetown (x) , South Africa.

Also to some of the media for covering the event , namely:


and later KOSMO some time next week.

For those who would like to read my paper, you can download it via this link (x)

After the the talk, I met a Cape Malay whose family migrated to Malaysia in 1960. At the time Tunku Abdul Rahman, then the Prime Minister of Malaysia invited the Cape Malays to move to Malaysia to build up the nation (prior to Malaysia’s 1957 Independence) She now speaks fluent Malay but still retains her Capetonian English accent with her. She said there was already Cape Malays from Capetown who migrated earlier than their family, one of them married to a Perak Royalty.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Norizan Esa, people smiling, people standing

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