My grandmother is a loyal supporter of umno. She’s in her late 70s by now maybe 80 plus I lost count how old is she. Her only source of news was the mainstream media (then), she doesn’t go on social media, her time is only for praying, Quran, Surau and TV, if not watching her garden everyday.

Her memories of umno was when people fight for independence, when leaders step up to lead because someone had to. When people actually do their job and not fight for money etc. A true blue BN-Umno.

Even when Reformasi happened, she strongly have faith in the ruling party then. Even some of her children did not, and endlessly insist we should oppose too. We stood by her, even if we were the only one still supporting the ruling party then.

One day, my grandmother asked me, is it true what people say about Tun M ? Is he getting senile? Is he crazy to want to change the government?

I knew then that those are the words only a mainstream media would plant in the viewers mind, she could not have picked up anywhere else because she’s mostly at home.

I gave a sigh, and answer, I don’t know Tok, I don’t know. In her eyes, I saw tears and worries, I don’t know Tok, I really don’t know – back then.

Even when the election day came, I worry more for her because she is very old and may not be able to handle the harsh truth. When I called after the sworn in, I try to keep our conversation light, until she herself answers

“Maktok tidur awal, takut darah naik”

(I slept early, worried if my blood pressure rise)

Im sorry Mak Tok, you live to see this, I just hope you are as healthy as our Prime Minister.
And that Malaysia is in good hands even if its painful for you to accept the changes (truth).

As time changes, so did we. Only after Tun M steps up and walked out of the party as the ruling party then, refuse to change. I start to read more of the other side of the story, think through and made my decision.

I never felt the need to vote until now, as much as I wish there would be changes from within. I wasn’t even sure if I made the right decision but I have faith that, if God wills it, nothing that people do can stop the changes from happening. And so kun fa ya kun, it happens.

With or without my vote, change will happen because the majority of voters that came out were more than what expected. And change must happen not just the government but among ourselves, instead of relying on the government – yet again to change.

We grew up with umno and also… today’s government, but all of us remain one – Malaysian.

Whoever we support, let this not stop us from being good towards one another. And, please stop bickering about the things people do in the past. Just because that person is powerless, doesn’t mean we should freely harass and throw mean words at them and anyone related to them.

We are all flawed in so many ways, lets just move on and try to get along with each other. We are after all, a very small country, and if we are going to stay long, we must learn to get along. At the end of the day, we are all coming back to the same home, Malaysia.




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