Merdeka 2.0!

If you asked me years ago,  I would not have voted or aware how important it was to vote.  But for the first time,  I felt the need to vote for my country and be part of the change we want to see.

Some of my friends in Indonesia and other Malaysian friends  living abroad was following the news closely.  Keeping in touch to make sure we are safe , instead I reassure them that with such a strong led coalition like Harapan,  there is still hope that a peaceful change can be made.

For some reason,  some of the news I was following online was not able to connect online , the mainstream media was delaying so much with commentaries and my concern friends from neighboring country was helpful enough to update me with the current SPR result.

Even voting itself feels like going to an examination and waiting for the results on the same day felt like the longest night.

Finally when the once Prime Minister of Malaysia appeared in his black songkok and baju melayu,  with sampin being sworned in,  everyone felt relief.

15 years later,  I get to watch this historic event and be part of it.  It does feels a bit like Merdeka eh?

For friends outside Malaysia who is still absorbing the news,  we also didn’t know we could do this and how everyone could come together for one common thing, our love towards our country,  Malaysia

All I can say,  we voted for a better Malaysia regardless our differences, we have each other to make the changes.

Meanwhile,  this means, you are never too old to dream a new dream, even becoming PM again. Lol!

Its definitely the, M factor… M…for Malaysia. Thank you Malaysian for making your choice, whoever you voted for,  I hope we choose the best among our leaders in restoring the country to a better state than it was.

To those who lost their vote,  I hope that you will still do good for the community around us… With or without power,  we all have the power to choose to do what is good for the benefit of the people we live with and not just ourselves. A true leader is, when they are not in power,  they can still lead people to goodness and bring benefit to others with whatever they are able to contribute. May this does not stop us from being a better person and continue to grow in the future.

May God protect our country and bless us with better leaders and unite us against all odds.   🇲🇾 ♥


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