Stories of the Day: Amiera

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Gap year option: Varsity students to get a year off from study

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Meet Amiera Eifra , 19years old, who is on her own personal adventure to learn the wonders of Permaculture (‘Permanent Culture’ : a design system for ecological and sustainable living, integrating animals, plants, building, people and community).

Although she’s just finished her foundation in Law, she decided to take a gap year and use her time to reconnect with nature by learning how to grow her own food.

Starting from a two week
Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course in Kuantan, which it was internationally recognized to transplant a food forest while at the same time learn how to integrate agriculture without destroying the forest but with the nature itself.

This sparked her dream to become a Permaculturist where she can be fully certified to teach and train future permaculture enthusiasts around the world. Thus she began her journey to learn as much as she can on Permaculture by becoming a volunteer and do her internship in many Permaculture based business around Malaysia.

Up till now, she learnt how to grow her own organic paddy, rode a Kubota, rear chicken, harvest stingless bee and many more. When asked why she chooses this path, she says that its the path that brings her closest to the nature as people become more disconnected with nature in their work that she feels a need to go back to the basics. Although its not an easy task, she enjoys playing with the mud and be in the nature where she belongs.

All of her experience can be followed through her blog where she shares on her ‘Permiventure’ (Permaculture Adventure)



Her advice to young generation who wants to walk a different path like her,

“Choose a path and do it full heartedly!”


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