The Life and Times of Tun Fatimah Srikandi Melaka

“It was said that the Portuguese were more intimidated by Tun Fatimah than her reigning husband. When Malaca fell dramatically into the hands of the Portuguese in 1511, Tun Fatimah was instrumental in the fight to recapture Malacca, including the expansionary work of the new Malay Johore-Riau Empire which became Portuguese Malacca’s rival. Tun Fatimah created an alliance with neighbouring kingdoms by marrying her children into the ruling families of Acheh, Minangkabau and Borneo. ”

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One of the most inspiring icons of the Malaccan Empire is Tun Fatimah, the last Sultanah of Malacca. Tun Fatimah is the daughter of Bendahara Tun Mutahir, the Prime Minister during the reign of Sultan Mahmud Shah a.k.a The One Who Got Us Colonised. Tun Fatimah was married to Tun Ali when the Sultan set his eyes on her during the wedding reception and, transfixed by her beauty and drunk with power, was determined to make her his consort. Tun Fatimah refused to divorce her husband, so when a false rumour was spread that the Prime Minister was planning a plot against the Sultan, the Sultan hastily used it as an excuse to order the execution of Bendahara Tun Mutahir and all male relatives, including Tun Fatimah’s husband, in order to forcibly marry her.

During her time as the consort, Tun Fatimah was said to have never smiled, and miscarried…

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