I was reading this “Whatever you do, don’t quit your job to pursue your passion”.

And its true.

Quitting is easy. But if you don’t have your family ‘support’ . Id be broke by now. I don’t recommend anyone to quit their job if they don’t have that ‘safety net’ to fall back into

Dreams are really hard, you cant hang to it too long, you cant hold on to it too hard. Sometimes you have to let go of your dreams, and make new ones that is more realistic. If its not because of some things i had in plan, i would be job hunting again. But i’m giving myself a break and wait until my plan is done

My gut feelings say that i should stick to that plan and let things reveal itself. But i must admit that i go on roller coaster mode everyday

A friend of mine didn’t have a job for 6 month, kicked out of her rent house by her own best friend, but her mom told her. Hang in there, God will give her what she deserve and she will get a good job one day

And she did, and now works in Dubai (Yes you! I just wrote bout you,Z)

Not saying that its always going to be lucky but if you have your parents supporting your decision, esp your mom praying for you, trust them

Your parents doa is everything, also your willingness to find new opportunity elsewhere. And i believe mine will come too. Its just taking some time to take into place, but i’ll get there. And if it doesn’t, i will find another way

There’s another friend who i convince her to quit, only because she have reached that level where she is better off working elsewhere. She said its not easy for her too, struggled for the first few year doing freelance job of her expertise, but finally she did it.  So i only encourage people to quit when they already acquire certain expertise that she can be independent from. And if they don’t have little mouth to feed.

Those parents who stayed in their crappy job, for their family. I genuinely respect them.  I hope i don’t have to be that parents and showed to my kids, i did it and so can they achieve their dream

A wise man once said to me: “If you don’t love what you do, don’t do it!”

And I did.


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