Quit, part 2

I wrote this on my facebook, i thought i might share it here but in english. I was referring to a posting about how one  celeb finally earned her PhD after 6 years.

I had the same experience though different challenges. I wanted to share with people I know but they wouldn’t understand. They just can’t, unless we go through it ourselves.

It took almost 4 years for me but my brain was tired even until now. So when people keep telling me to continue PhD (like its so easy), I can only say InsyAllah (God willing, one day I will). Provided that I find a research that I am really passionate of (Im really done with my previous topic for reasons only I know). Because, in the end, its you who has to do the research not them (though its not like I can do my research every day)

Those who doesn’t know, the process of writing a thesis is not something you can do in a day or two, sometimes in a day, you can write a page, sometimes a paragraph, sometimes only write one line and if you don’t have any idea what to write, you shut down your computer and go out. Take a break. Get some fresh air so that your brain can rest and not think of your research (Even though subconsciously you do)

Continuing your study, be it master or Phd is a choice you make. To work is also a choice, not working is also a choice, taking a break or a gap year is also a choice …just like getting married, having kids is also a choice. But it doesn’t mean you just sit around doing nothing, you still have other responsibilities and do other things in between.

I worked for a while, only to realize you were not happy, not as in happy without any problems at work, the stress is still there, you still meet challenging people, but happy as in you look forward to working everyday, in spite of the things you have to go through each day. And rather than staying in an environment that doesn’t make you grow, and makes you happy anymore, its better to quit than trying to convince yourself it will get better.

Know your value, and respect your own self worth, that’s all I can say. Its the same advice I tell my friends who face the same situation. Even to those who was struggling to complete their master, due to certain circumstances. Do what you think is best for the situation. Its your choice, but learn to live with that choice you made.

For me, I didn’t want to spend the rest of my time complaining about people I don’t like at work. It was the toughest decision but the easiest once we have made up our mind , receive blessings from my parents who supported my decision. And i never look back ever since.

My mother said, its okay to quit.One day, I will find a better job and opportunity that I deserve. After all, Allah s.w.t is the best planner, there must be a ‘rezeki’(proportion) for me elsewhere that will be better than before. So I must learn to wait and have faith in His plans.


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