Run For Cleft 2016

Hello, for this year Run For Cleft , i would like to share one more story about my journey as a cleft, last year i wrote I am a cleft palate and this is my story . This year things have changed pretty differently, I have graduated my Master. And yes, that is one big smile after all the hard work I put into (also from other people who has been supporting me in their own way).

This smile is what you get to see after the Cleft children gets the surgery they need, its not just about repairing the gap between their palate or their mouth. But its also to help these kids, eat better, talk clearly and be more confident in their daily life.

Self confidence is a journey that any teenager have to go through, there can be many factors but self image contributes a lot. To other cleft palate patients, i hope that you will learn to love yourself and the flaws you have. Even normal kids go through their self esteem period so don’t let your condition makes you feel inferior.

I am fortunate that my parents did not treat me differently, instead I felt like a normal girl despite my condition. And its only when I go to school or basically out of my home that people start to point out my cleft palate.

But there are those who doesn’t treat me differently, so i believe that when people are used to see people with cleft, the more they know about the cleft palate , the more they are aware of our existence and that its normal.

What is not normal is, how you treat yourself and see yourself as. You are who you want to see in your life, so if you believe that you deserve more than what you already are , go out there and grab it, find your own path or create one. Don’t let your condition dim your light, be your own light and light up other peoples life by being who you are.

So to all those generous and kind people out there, contribute as much as you can and help these young aspiring doctors-to-be to make a difference in these cleft kids life. Help them to put a smile on their face, may God bless you and your family with good health, people who love you and all the happiness in the world!Thank you! 🙂





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