Its hard to find a good friend where you can rely on, and yet not be too dependant on them. Where you dont have to contact almost every day, because you understand that everyone have a life. Friends who quickly forgives you, even if they are still mad at you. Friends who takes the time to listen to you, even if its just your silly crappy rant. Friends who doesnt mind seeing you at your worst and emotional, because they understand that you are human too. Friends who allows you to be yourself instead of apologizing for being who you are. Friends who may have so many differences or political ideas and yet they still doesnt stop you from believing. Friends who would drag you out of your darkness or hit you in the head (literally) whenever you are putting up such crap. Friends who would honestly tells you how you feel instead of keeping it to themselves. Friends who would still keep some of the things to themselves because they dont want you to get hurt by what you are about to say.
I have probably lost more friends for the past years as i grow older, friends change, i change, and sometimes we had to part in the middle because we are no longer on the same page. Sometimes we had to take our own path but still try to keep in touch with one another no matter how long it took to meet again. Friends who let their friends grow out of their own so they can find their own self discovery. Friends, whom you dont even know exist in your life but suddenly comes in and are the one who help you through difficult times. Friends, whom you had to remove because they are not healthy for your own growth. Friends who seem to be only friends with you for certain purpose and once they get what they want from you, leaves you. There are so many things we can learn from having friends…or not having friends..or no longer friends with.

But one thing it taught me, no matter what happens, no matter what kind of friends you meet, its not how many friends you have but what kind of friend you are to them. Because, if its hard to find a friend, be one.

And i hope i have been a good one, even if i may not be able to be there all the time. Know that i will always be your friend.


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