“Rather than rant it on twitter”

…its better to write it down…eh?

Well , i have lots of thoughts but i never really manage to put it down on proper writing. So when i had to write an article for what supposed to be a sample of my writing, for a job interview i went recently, boy it was harder than i thought. The interview went well, I guess but my gut feeling says no. Especially when there are more cons than the job itself. Highly paid but stressful job expectation, not the kind of ‘stress’ i would enjoy even if i like writing. Plus it was too good to be true for someone who has not had working experience since I did my master. Like they say, if its too good to be true, its likely, its not true.

I don’t know if its possible, but i hope i can find a job that I will enjoy the stress I have to face everyday. A job where I can be satisfied to know that I have done something for whatever I was tasked to do.  So, i chose the other job which pays less but at least there are more Pros in it even if its for a short time, at least I still have a life and near to my family. When that job ends, i will need to find a new one.

Job hunting in this time, is scary. But its more liberating if you can create your own job, I almost forgot about my dreams at the time. I guess it was good to have to reject the other job, since it makes me question what i really want in life. A life with no life but paid handsomely, or a life where i can still get by but more fulfilling? I ask myself, if money wasn’t an issue…what would you do? Happy… I want to be happy and make a difference, if not on a big scale at least to people around me.

People expect you to do PhD, but i don’t think i am going through all of that right away. Sometimes i do miss research, but not as much to go back into the whole process. Lol. Even if one day i want to continue my PhD, i would make sure that it is something I want, and not anyone’s idea put on me. After all, i be spending years on it to get it done.

“Sambung PhD”

“Kerja apa nanti?”

“Bila nak kahwin?”

Expectations after expectations..its really hard to silence all these pressures around you and maintain to be yourself in spite of what anybody say. You can’t please everyone, so you gotta stop trying to fit in and meet peoples expectations. I’m sorry, i am in no competition with anyone. I’ll just walk on my own path, at my own pace.

So to these people , please…mind your own business. My life, my decisions.






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