babysitting part 1

In the beginning i felt like i needed to record almost every progress my nieces and nephew do, but later on i felt that i miss more shots watching their progress than the shots i took of them. So, whenever i could, i take a good shot of them, (sometimes i just take their picture without thinking if its good or not and find myself with even better shot of them) but whenever i dont, i just let them be, because its much better to watch them do amazing things infront of me, asking me to play with them, and try my best to answer challenging questions like, why does the cloud covers the sun, or why does the cloud gets dark but its not night time already.
Babysitting them temporarily has been both challenging and yet somewhat enjoyable in spite of the mess they made lol. But it certainly has made me appreciate all the small things in life and remind me what its like to be a kid again which i long forgotten how to as i reach my prime ‘adulthood’. By far i am still learning how to be an adult especially in front of them because they will learn from you, eg my nephew immitates the way i sit (bersila) whenever i feed him (luckily i did not ‘bersimpuh’ like a girl).
For all that has been curious to ask what i do after graduating, i have been babysitting my niece and nephew and its okay. Its okay to take some time to figure out what you want to do, it’s okay to not work right away, its okay because everything will come our way eventually. Its just taking some time to arrive. Walk in your own pace and don’t try to compete with others whose already ahead of you. Your journey is different from others, so take your time and enjoy whatever life is giving you at this moment. You will never know what you will learn from it.

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