babysitting part 2


babysitting my 2 year old nephew has taught me a lot of things. seeing him is like seeing you when you are old and return to your natural state @ fitrah which is back to being a baby . at this time he is a toddler,where he can barely talk properly but sometimes manage to say the word correctly
one time, he drops the water, twice i think, and i wonder why he was unable to do that until one day i saw him drop the water. and i understood that his grip is not that strong yet though usually he can drink by himself
so will our state be, to some, they will struggle their way like the old women i met at the hospital. unable to grip a cup o water without getting herself wet. i feel sorry for her because she always gets scolded by the nurse, but the nurse was unaware that she is an old women who was once young like her. when i could, i tried to feed her and help her drink since her children was not around
two different age , an elderly women and a young boy but similar situation, we will come to a point where we can no longer feed ourselves, clean ourselves and one day no longer able to breathe anymore.
walking to the toilet will be a long journey, going down from the bed will be a struggle and i find myself crying inside wondering if i could take care of my parents the way they have been patient with me while i grow up
my nephew, asks me about his parents, and grandparents whereabouts at least twice a day. once after he was done crying, hugging me as he woke up finding his parents gone to work and nobody at home except me. after soothing him for a few minute, he will ask, where is mom? where is his grandma? where is his grandpa? where is his dad?
the second time is on the evening about 2 hours before his parents comes home.
sometimes crying quietly , missing his parents and calls out for them. and every time i tell him, his parents is at work, they’ll come back soon. just wait a little while.
it was not easy at first to take care of him, this was probably the only time i get a chance to spend most of my day with him since he was born. its a temporary measure until my sister contract finishes. but i had never been anymore thankful to be taught by a mere little boy like him. God knows how amazed i was to know that my parents raised us five siblings with such care though at times strict. but rarely ever they cane us without trying to other ways first. (usually reverse psychology or reasoned it out first).
even as a kid, we were treated with such respect, and care. so i try to emulate some bits of them and modify some with my own touch. some succeeds, some fails lol! kids nowadays outsmarts you, you can be at least 10 step ahead of them and they will still manage to find way around you without noticing lol! at times, i couldn’t even get a proper rest because i was more worried about their next ‘plan’ than sleep.
most of the time my nephew are quite a good boy, he will do it right away what you ask, he picks up the rice if it somehow drops on the floor or his shirt. but sometimes he doesn’t, either for attention, protest, and sometimes he just don’t understand the question. so one time, i ask him not to throw his toys like that and he just look at you wondering what do you mean by that? maybe he wanted to answer but he doesn’t know how to answer it. so i ask him to pick it up again and place it in his toy box. and he does it right away
he’s quite a ‘prim and proper’ kind of kid, means he doesn’t like gooey stuff. if his mouth have any stains or anywhere on his body, he will ask you to clean it for him. in the beginning i did that, but later on i ask him to do it himself like wiping his mouth with tissue, and clean his own mess by getting him to clean the water he accidentally drops on the floor together. so that he learns that chores are not just a womens job, but boys/ men can also help do the chores. he loves to sweep. so i let him play with the broom and help me sweep the floor before i vacuum the house. fortunately his sister, who is 5 now loves to help with the vacuum so she would help too.
i also notice that he also tries to do things by himself, like drinking by himself, eating if we use fork and spoon, but he also copies you. like sitting with folded feet, so you really have to be aware of what you do to avoid him from copying things that you don’t realize you are doing are being watched by him.
but most of the time, i learn that life may seem to be falling down on you. but with these kids , you are reminded that its always a new day for them to explore and look forward for tomorrow. reminding you what it was like to be young, and fearless, but most of all happy…before anyone put an ‘idea’ of how we should live our life.
i hope that they wont grow up like that and believe other people instead of themselves first. because the important part of growing up is to believe in yourself and stay true to ourselves. to be able to stand on our own, without being easily intimidated or influenced by other people without evaluating if there is any truth and relevance to it. ..and i hope i can be there for them whenever they need an aunt to come to and be their ‘rock’ ;P


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