Thank you, Abi.

Sometimes, ‘I love you’ don’t have to be said, but felt.

Its when you accompany your dad every night for his daily mamak or lunch break.

Its when your dad brings you out for dinner or holiday once in a while

Its when he brings you for every check up at the hospitals back then

Its when he patiently wait for hours for you to come out from operation room

Its when he took his time off to visit you at the hospital

Its when you were down sick, and he drives you to almost every clinic when you don’t know why you were sick

Its when your brother once had an accident and he rush back home from outstation

Its when your sister gave birth and he prays for her safe delivery

Its when every siblings of you got married, and he would be the one preparing the most for their wedding

Its when your niece and nephew wants to play with him, and he would spare some time even if he was tired

Its when you mom had a rough day and he would be the one cheering her up with his little antics

Its when you didn’t believe in yourself and he would be the one having faith on you.

And sometimes its just the small things he does, that makes up for the big things he does.

Your action speaks louder than your words, but we all know that you love each one of us in your own way.

So thank you for being there for us, in spite of everything, you never get tired of being the father for us.

It may be father’s day today, but its everyday for us.

May Allah bless you with good health and happiness.

May we continue to have more time to spend with each other.

And may Allah protect and grant goodness to all father’s in the world.


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