We learn a lot from our parents, I learn a lot about being a child from them.

My father learn how to be a parents from my grandparents. Sometimes, they also learn something from their children or grandchildren

And thats how we learn, from each other.

When my grandparents was still alive, I remember going back to our village almost every month.

Because my dad will buy some groceries, and neccesity for my grandparents like adult diapers, medicine etc.

I may not be close with my grandparents, but i know for a fact that they love us in their own way.

My grandmother is a quiet person, never say much but once in a while she will ask me what stage of school i am now.

When she could still cook on her own, she would make a delicious ‘nasi goreng kampung’. Even when she was still on her wheel chair, she could still make one for me. Later on when she couldn’t, we would be the one who brought food for her. Whenever we come home, i always notice her eyes will light up, her smile grew bigger, even if she doesn’t say much but her expression shows.

Idon’t know much about my grandmother, until the day she pass away. Its only on that day, people tell you how good she is and what kind of person she was when she was still alive. Some story i already know, some i found out much later. The one thing i regret was not knowing her, when she was still alive.

Every family have their own story, no matter how much we don’t like each other, we still love each other. So, if we find ourselves full with egos, or anything negative feelings towards one another, just think of this way. Life is short….even shorter than we think. Try to appreciate every moment you have because everyone knows that when our loved ones pass away, we would do anything , wishing that we could have one more chance , one more day, to be with them again.When people pass away, whatever fights we have won’t matter anymore, because they are already gone.

Whenever i hear about friends parents passing away, i felt sad not just for them but the fact that i have to prepare myself with. My condolence to all my friends whom their parents passed away. Know that Allah swt loves them more than we do. So even if they are gone, I pray that you will carry one to live for them and continue to take care of the family they leave behind. The role may shifts, the responsibility may be heavier, but them passing away will not change their love for you. We can still , at least pray for them so our responsibility as children still continues.

May Allah bless thier soul and give us who still have parents, to be able to contribute to our parents no matter how successful we become. Money can’t buy you time to be with our parents, spend it wisely.


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