The perks of being friends with a research student

1) No news is good news
2) Lunch/tea is the only time we make human communication or not at all
3) We may be on fb, but so does 23 other tabs
4) We dont want to talk about our research, at least until we have presentation
5) We are not anti social, but selectively choose time to socialize.
6) we do have friends, but they live mostly on the internet bcoz most of them have graduated & works far away
7) fb chat/skype/hangouts is how we socialize with human beings
8) if we dont talk to you for months, it doesnt mean we hate you, we are too busy hating our research, you will always be in our heart, its just that our mind is occupied right now
9) procrastination is essential part of our breakthrough, it keeps us sane, for a while
10) expect emotional rollercoaster ride even by the end of the ride, so either you help to comfort us or stay far away from us. Honestly we dont want to hurt you either.
11) if you talk behind our back, stay there, we dont have time to look around and find out who said that coz we are too busy focusing on our life


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