interesting movie i watch the other day about white collar vs blue collar job

two trainee fight for a spot, they had to make a presentation & team up to get to the next level. by the final level, they had to choose one trainee so each of them had to say something to prove why they deserve that spot.

one,grew up seeing his father working in factory who then got laid off. growing up, he was teased bcoz his father was unemployed

so he grew up,determined to change his life, with lots of manipulation to get to the next level. fear of being made fun again

the other, im not too sure,but being the good guy, despite his struggles, he look the world in a positive view.

so in the final, they had to say something about working as blue collar vs white collar. defensive, the bad guy, defended his view

the bad guy, said that he is proud of working in blue collar, to him its a real job, bcoz youre on the field, sweating your hard earned work

the good guy, said he understand where the bad guy is coming from but the white collar job is as important as the blue collar because..

the white collar had to make sure a lot of procedure had to be done & processed to avoid mistakes from happening

they may work on a lot of paperwork, but that is the very important task because without that being cleared, and approved…

you cant carry out the actual work on the ground without the permission of appropriate authority.

even after getting that done, they still have to go through meetings after meetings, brings home work and finish their job till late

so just because you are working with ‘paper’s but you are the ones who is the mastermind planning for actual plan.

of cause it may be a mundane task, and pretty much you work in the office a lot and dont get out much on the field

but your job is just as important as those who goes down to the ground. we need each other to get the job done and make it work – together.

so those who think their job is not as kickin ass job like others you wish, dont. you are enough

what you work for now, is what has been destined for you, your journey brought you there, and you are raised and prepared  for that job

everything you learn, every skill you gain are already planned by Him , so that it can only be you to carry out that task. no one else can.


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