Terima kasih: Terbaik Dari Langit

And so I end my 2014 with this movie which fortunately I get to watch before they stop screening here. Couldn’t find a time for the past few days since I was recovering from ESCAPE and finishing up my research, but with a help of my local movie buddy, we manage to make it on time before the new year. Thanks ‘toyu’! (bukan nama sebenar)

I will spare you the details on what its about and leave the surprise for you to find out. But all I can say is that everyone have a little bit of ‘Berg’, ‘Ijam’ , ‘Toyu’ and ‘Sofia Jane’ in them

The dreamer who actually do something about their dream like Berg

The one who don’t know what they really want in life and just follow what other people wants them to be like ijam

The one who is too busy being afraid to chase their dream  and chose the safer path thinking that their dreams is impossible to reach even if they are talented like Toyu

The one who knows what they want and brave enough to pave their own path like Sofia Jane

….and without people like arwah Atuk Berg to support the dreamers like Berg, the world wouldn’t have been able to have talented people who actually changed the world. Importantly, its up to us to decide who we want to be in the future.

It does not matter if there aren’t real UFO in the movie, there’s so much more things or movies that doesn’t make sense. So as the movie says, “Kalau tak faham, leave it!”

Some things are not meant to be understood but felt. So thank you TDL (“,)

*Kalau nak betul2 honest review, I would say: Well written, awesome choice of cast, nicely edited & beautiful cinematography especially this scene:


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