<<<<< 2014 in rewind

1. Watched ‘Terbaik Dari Langit‘  on its last day of screening thanks to Iedil’s tweet and Redza Minhat’s RT. For once, I will not make a review because I enjoyed the whole movie every second of it. As the movie says:

“Kalau tak faham, leave it!”

2. Submitted my crappy first draft a few minutes before going to the cinema only to get a gush of idea just a few moment before ‘deadline’. Seriously Malaysians are very good in handling pressure in stressful deadline hehe. My supervisor will probably send it back for me to repair it but i regret nothing hahahaa

3. Finally tried ESCAPE with self proclaimed blog bff whom i finally get to meet in person after 4 years. I wanted to write something about our weekend but now its a bit awkward to express it here knowing that you might be reading it haha. Still, I will cherish that moment until the next time we meet. Im not sure now to meet more of my followers in real life hahaha, somehow it makes me confuse between two world now that its harder to write like I used to, without having this thought that someone you know is reading it.

4. This year were probably the year of Letting Go to most of us including myself, either as myself by trying to be more open to new things, new friends, and new way of looking at things around me. I had a hard time trying to let go of a lot of issues, things and people in my life, only to be offered by better ones. Thank you all beautiful wonderful people in my life.

5. As much as I hate apologizing, I learn that sometimes our relationship with people matters more than our own ego. But there are also times where we should stop apologizing for the things that is not our fault or beyond our control and just get on with our life.

6. I am a happy happy aunt that by next year I be having 4 minions to rock their world. I hope my lil brother’s wife will deliver a healthy baby both the mother and their first born next month. God willing.

7. My deepest condolence to all the victims of MH17, MH370, especially QZ8501 also the rest of the flood victim all over the east coast of Malaysia and other areas. Its been a trying year for all of us, but I believe that nothing falls upon us more than what we can handle, even if we think we dont have the strength anymore, all we need to do is just take a deep breath and take our own time to rebuild our life.

8. Its also the year where you have to sit through the darkness, and let yourself feel what you need to feel, recognize it, acknowledge it and make sense of the emotion we are feeling. In a strange way, I felt more connected to my own emotion even if I may not express it much but at least I understood or could make sense of some of the feelings I felt was not as bad as I thought.

9. I tried so hard, but I also learnt to not push myself too hard on myself when it comes to my research, still I do once in a while find myself under pressure and stressed out of some of the hiccups along the way. Balancing your emotion and your stress level by trying not to control your life too much are probably one of the hardest task in this world.

10. I tried learning new things, if not as a hobby, but at least ive tried wall climbing, had a chance to go on kayaking , and get myself all in the mud in one of the trips I happen to have the chance to go on. I probably travel more this year than last year, even if its just around my hometown

11.  I learn that social support is very important, I learn what makes me happy what doesnt and what should be done if I were to become sad again. Its been a rollercoaster ride emotionally, physically …i probably should start taking care of my health after this hehe.

12. Im still afraid of hugs but probably not as much as I used to if it comes from those i can be comfortable with. It is surprisingly warm fuzzy feeling i dont know what to react, but i would still need a heads up before anyone were to give an attack bear hug. The horror!

13. The trip I went with mom recently have pretty much brought us one step closer, she seemed to have let go of herself a little bit now than she used to be. And im quite surprised and impressed by her character development hehe.

14.Not being too sensitive or think too much of what people say will save you from a lot of trouble and unnecessary drama and people that is not worth your time. The right kind of people will like you for who you are, so don’t waste your time on those who couldn’t see your value. Just be yourself and love yourself more than you have been to others who can’t appreciate you. You are already good enough, nothing that people say about you is about you, but reflect themselves instead

and finally……



 Happy New Day everyone!

Every day is a new day, don’ t wait for the year to end to make some changes in your life! 🙂


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