Dear future me

Don’t let yourself be taken for granted

If people mistreat you, speak up, don’t keep it to yourself

You are only going to hurt yourself. Don’t let people treat you the way you shouldn’t be treated.

If you made a mistake apologize, there’s nothing wrong with swallowing up your pride if you are doing that out of your own mistakes.But if its isn’t then don’t own up to a mistake that weren’t your fault

Don’t take the blame for something you did not do, stay firm, be firm to yourself that you are not the one who should be blamed.Don’t let what other people think of you get into your head.Nobody is perfect, so are you.

Dont believe what people say about you easily, most of the time they were only thinking of what they expect you to be.

Don’t try to meet their expectation, you do not live because of what other people expect you to be. Live up to your own expectation.

You can change but make sure its because you want to change not because of other people asking you to change to fit their idea of who you should and should not be.

Evaluate whether there is some truth, reject them if they are not. But do it kindly, resist from trying to hurt them back, you are not there to hurt them, you are there to help them

Its okay if they can’t see it the way you see it , you were just being straightforward, and you said only what they need to hear not what they want to hear.

Don’t sugar coat what you want to say, the truth hurts even if its bitter, if they cant handle the truth then let them. You are better off without such negativity. Remove them , its going to hurt now but you will heal, it will get better. Find better friends, else, make yourself a better person.

You can’t change the way people think of you but you can always change the kind of people you surround yourself with. You do not need such negativity, you live your life long enough to put up with peoples crap, its about time you stop doing that and put yourself first.

Sometimes you just have to be selfish to people who is selfish enough not to realize how they have been treating you and other people. Do not make yourself an excuse that they can change , they wont, because they will just stick to their own ego and remain the same.

Nobody can change except themselves. You change too, because it is crucial for you to make changes in your life, you cant remain the same person you were few years ago, else you wont grow, and you want to grow right? So do yourself a favour, stop giving people too many favours!

Sooner or later you will find yourself making the best decision, protect yourself from getting hurt , from being brought down by these people , and from yourself.

You don’t have to apologize any more, if they cant accept that, then its up to them. Walk away from the things that no longer make you happy, if they are a real friend, they will come back, else don’t expect people to come back. You don’t need negative people to lead a positive life.

Be positive, always, every day, because that’s all you need to be. Think of all the good things you have, all the good friends who is there for you, think of the family you have, think of all the good thing in the world, so that you don’t have time to think of the bad stuff.

Don’t focus on one single event that hurts you, focus on the bigger picture. Make yourself busy, focus on what you need to do now than remembering all the things that should be left in the past, there’s a fairly good reason why it should stay there.

Not everyone will make it to your future, but for those who  does, thank them, be good to them.  Keep the old friends but open yourself up for new ones, don’t focus on the one person who choose to walk out from you, let them go. There’s no point asking them to stay if they don’t want to, you’ve tried,  and that’s okay.

Don’t try to fix things that you cannot change, its not within your control. Let go of the things beyond your control, take control of your life. There’s no time to lose what you have built so far, you will gain more friends , more good things once you have cleared out the baggage, loosen up a little but don’t let yourself lose yourself in the process of loving others. You are your own person. No one can take it away from you.

Never give anyone the power over you, the only power whom you can surrender yourself to is God alone. So submit to Him and Only Him. There’s always a reason why He removes us from the heartache, in fact He is saving you from all these people so that you don’t get strayed away from His path. You know what happens when you put others beside Him, even if you don’t mean to do that. Sometimes, we forget, and that’s okay.

What is important is that you realize your mistakes,remember Him and He will remember you.

Don’t dwell on your past, move on, live in the present. The choice you make today will shape who you are in the future. So make a good decision, learn from the bad ones. And maybe, just maybe, you are going to make the greatest decision you have ever made.


Present Me.


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