On success

Its really subjective, to a person, success could mean, quietly climbing the top of a mountain and achieving your dream without boasting it to the world

To a business person is to share it to the world by telling about their business because it can invite future business partner to do business with you.

And a whole lot of other meaning of success depending on who you are and how you want to succeed in life. For me, both ways works just fine, we can quietly achieve success alone, or together by sharing it to the world.

What is important is that when we reach the top, we should never forget the ones who have help you go up, those who supports you and help you go through the journey you are destined for. Better yet, be the one who help them get up because they are the ones who pushed you up when you were down below.

There are people who think that they did it themselves, but forget the invisible people who help them push our way up as we climb the mountain. And what is success if we have no one to share with ?

I have yet to define my own meaning of success, but when I do, I hope that I will be just as happy as those who have succeed before me.


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