Dad’s advice

1) knowledge comes from Allah, so if you are stuck. Ask Allah
2) make other peoples life easy, and Allah will make yours easier
3) to live is to keep company, choose wisely your companies
4) why get stuck with one fish when you can fish somewhere else?
5) when i was in school, we had a mat saleh teacher. Who would never teach us anything. In the end, we taught ourselves by teaching each other.
6) buy only when you can afford to pay for it, no matter how long it takes
7) put the world in your hand not in your heart and you will conquer the world
8) whoever you fight with, always be able to smile away and greet them as usual
9) dont be rattled by what other people say about you, the problem is them, not you
10) In research,its like living in a cave, you need to be able to spend time in darkness to appreciate the light at the end of the tunnel.


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