“Choosing not to compete with the people in your life allows you to live up to your standards without worrying about theirs. When you measure your achievements against other people’s accomplishments, it is easy to become defensive because there will always be someone who has accomplished more. Eschewing competition means you can narrow your focus and concentrate entirely on getting ahead rather than being distracted by the need to outdo someone else. Your aims will reflect your inner values and what you truly want out of life. The challenges you face will be ones you set for yourself, and no one else’s success will cause you to doubt yourself or your capabilities. Choose not to compete today, and you will be able to take greater pride in your accomplishments. “

*In other word, compete with yourself by becoming a better person each day. Dont beat yourself up just because others are better than you, instead, beat your own personal accomplishments rather than looking at other peoples achievements.

Your path is yours alone, only you can walk through it. Everyone have their own journey and story to tell, write your own original story, dont be a copy, when you were born original 😉


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