We attract people who is similar to us, because they see themselves in you. So be careful with how you appear to others, it might just be your own reflection that you be dealing with. Reply to negative people with positive attitude, negativity is a reactive chain, it can continue on and on the more we reply to them. There is no such thing as win or lose, right or wrong, only the ones who is humble enough to end the fights and walk away from such negativity will achieve peace. And the best way to do that is to forgive and let go of all the bitter felings towards the other. Moving on doesnt mean you will forget everything but remembering all the good things you shared with them rather than the bad experience. To be able to look at a person with kindness instead of carrying all the bitterness with you every time you meet them

Dont mind if you dont have a lot of friends, you’ll find the right kind of friend as you grow. Meanwhile,the few friends who is worth the friendship you have are already enough compared to hundreds of friends you barely know. Dont try to make things happen but let things happen naturally, so does friendship or whatever relationship you have with people. Good things takes time to build and last through time. Nurture the ones you already have but plant new seed by opening yourself up to new people. You will never know who is the one you are going to end up spending your life time with.
If it doesnt last, let them go, because your time with them have ended, you may have outgrow each other that you need to break out from the same cycle and grow with other people. There’s nothing wrong with cutting a bad branch because sooner or later you will grow a new branch. If your skin got scratched, you’ll grow a new skin.

Nothing is permanent, so does people. Don’t be afraid to grow, even if it means being by yourself. There is nothing more beautiful than a tree blooming on its own , like the sakura tree, where people come and sit under it, while admiring the beauty it beholds. If others can see your beauty, why cant you?


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