Things to do before 30: Wall climbing, checked!

I was contemplating at first to go, it was drizzling, but i thought, whatever, just do it! haha! Thanks to my climbing buddy which i manage to recruit since we had to walk quite far before reaching the centre, we made it to the top! Actually not this wall, the one beside (its too dark to snap a picture from there)


The first wall we tried was a bit curvy so its quite hard for a beginner like us. Still the other one wasn’t easy but as you finally get your grip and focus on the climb, it was breathtaking sight to reach up there.


Some of the things I learn was that wall climbing is not just about you getting up there alone, but those who supports us from below. There has to be another climber helping you up from below, they are the one’s who tells you which stone to grab, because once you are up there, you can’t really see things clearly, even if the stone is just next to you. And you can never underestimate even the smallest stone to get you up, and need to make full use of your body, your hand, a lot of jumping around from stones to stone, and concentrate on each step you make.


So i can pretty much relate that with my research journey hehe, certainly its not about how fast you get there or even reaching the top, because you can always try again every time you fall and get back up again.


One word I love was ‘Tension’ , its a universal code for taking a break whenever you feel tired of climbing, to let your partner know that you are going to take a rest before continuing.  The second word i love was ‘Fall’ , cause you get to see the view from top as you are lowered down and the friends below cheer you on whether or not you succeed or not because its never a competition. The only person you are beating here, is yourself.


So take your time to figure out the next step, don’t rush or else you will slip miserably trying to get up, and the best part is you can climb however you want because only you know how much your body can take and jump from one stone to another. And once you reach the top and come down from it, thank those who support you because you will never make it on top without their support, and cheering you from below. Most of all, have fun and enjoy the climb! Its not the destination, but the journey that counts!


So find what you love, do what you love, and enjoy what you love while you still can. If  you have the urge to do something you really wanted to do in your life, do it now. you wont get any other time more than now. Your future is now. nobody can guarantee you will be alive next week. so do things as if its the last day on earth and make a difference, if not to others, to your own life!


For more info on the wall climbing:




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