The perks of being a research student

1) we dont like to be asked about our research progress, but we dont mind sharing on ‘what’ is our research is about
2) if you cant find us for 1 – 3 month without any notice , dont panic, it means we are ‘living a life’ outside research either travelling, working on a project/paper or simply just staying at home. Remember this, no news IS good news.
3) it is entirely normal for us to breakdown into ‘depression’ stage , its our ‘breakthrough’ moment where we overcome our own fear and discover our strength (to put in into a different perspective)
4) we are not antisocial, we are just selective with who we spend our time with . So just because you often see us alone, it doesnt mean we are lonely. Its more convenient to go out alone than trying to find people to go out with but their time dont match with us. We get a lot things done that way.
5) we basically dont really have a ‘life’ much, its either our lab, or the postgrad room, and back to our home/hostel mostly, so to have a life, we apply point number 2.
6) we are always stressed with our research that it becomes normal. So we would usually try to find ways to channel our stress in our own way or just stay in our room alone. Its nothing personal, we have 99 problems and you are not one of it.
7) just because you see us on facebook, doesnt mean we are always on facebook. We have at least 20 other tabs opened at the same time. Facebook are on, just to make us feel somewhat ‘connected’ to ‘outside world’
8) there is only ‘brunch’ & dinner, for some we have tea breaks, you cannot believe what most of other research student eats in a day.
9) we require constant breaks to prevent breakdowns, youtube preferably because it only takes 5-10 mins per video. We pretty much dont watch movie much unless its worth spending a day off for a movie day. Else, we’d rather watch on our laptop than wasting on what turn out to be a bad movie later. The movie must be really good to get us out of our ‘cave’
10) although we do miss being an undergrad, and often find ourselve comparIng how different the students nowadays and back in our days were like, but we would rather graduate as soon as possible than staying in school to see undergrads new intake year after year.
11) most of our work requires a lot of thinking, so even though it doesnt look like those who work, we work with our brain so of cause you dont see us working, because we are working with our mind. Technically.


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