In my school year,
I find myself in constant need of attention
Especially my friends whom i spend most of my school days with
As i reach my university year,
I still need friends, but i need it less.
By then i have my own circle of friends
But every now and then i would drop by into other peoples circle and get to know them. I wouldnt even try to get in their circle because i know that we are different circle.

Now in my postgraduate, i grow more and more detach from my friends.
I think i can count with my finger how many friends im actually friends with, while others remain acquaintances. So id go into a one-on-one and try to spend time with these friend every now and then.

However i do realize that as the year pass by, most of my friends have build their own life either their own family or career. Some may have found a new set of group of friends that you see them post pictures of their new circle. Funny thing is that i dont get jealous, but thankful that they found new friends.

Its not that i am removing them as my friends, just that some times im not very good in keeping in touch with people, sometimes you get so caught up with your life, you just dont bother to remember anyone but yourself.

To those friends i used to be close with, im sorry that we drifted apart, its not like we have any fights or anything, its just that we have move on with our own life so far that we cant turn back to where we used to be.
And i dont hold any grudge if any of my friends do that to me, because i understand it quite well, since i too do the same thing. But some, who remain good friends would suddenly pop up out of nowhere and say hello to you.

Its quite touching to know that people do remember you and made an effort to get in touch with you. Some are people i never expect, its like they dont need you to be there all the time, but they are there for you, when you never expect them to be here. Once in a while they contact you, to remind you that you have a friend after all these years.

So to these friends thank you for breaking the silence regardless of the time i have been missing from your life.
These are your true friends, they just dont expect anything from you because you dont expect anything from them too.

Its like you can sail anywhere you want, fly to any parts of the world, no matter how long or how far you drift away, theya are there like the wind, blowing on you wherever you are and you can feel their presence even if they are not with you.

Strange sometimes when i get those chill, because you can see them sometimes talking to you and you would smile away knowing that they may also be thinking of you.

It happened so many times, where some of my friends call you up and say they were thinking of you just the time you were also thinking of them.
Some friends, you get that connection, we can feel their presence even if they are far away.

So if you have that kind of friends,know that you are both lucky to found each other.

Treasure them.


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