Dear someone I used to know.

Knowing you was the best time of my life, even if its just for a short time,

I learnt so much from you

Pretending not to know you – not so much.

In spite of everything, you will always remain a friend to me.

I could not understand what and how this happened, but I believe that there will always be a reason behind everything that have happened.

Perhaps, the real reason was not what it was actually about, perhaps it is, but for whatever reason it is all about, stuffs happen and we can’t change the past. But, I believe that we can change the way we treat others, and appreciate those who stayed with us.

I don’t know how you are holding on, but I hope you are doing okay. I was not okay at first, but I am feeling better now to finally write this here.

All I know is that we are just two different flawed person, who needed to go on our own separate journey to discover about ourselves. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise so we can both grow from here.

And maybe, in the future when we are ready to accept each other’s flaw, we could be a better friend for each other.

Until that day comes, you go that way, I go this way, if by fate,we meet again, we’d greet each other like old friends do.

I’m sure with or without me,your life will be okay, and so will mine be.

Be happy and take a very good care of yourself.



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