Dear someone I used to know.

Knowing you was the best time of my life, even if its just for a short time,

I learnt so much from you

Pretending not to know you – not so much.

In spite of everything, you will always remain a friend to me.

I could not understand what and how this happened, but I believe that there will always be a reason behind everything that have happened.

Perhaps, the real reason was not what it was actually about, perhaps it is, but for whatever reason it is all about, stuffs happen and we can’t change the past. But, I believe that we can change the way we treat others, and appreciate those who stayed with us.

I don’t know how you are holding on, but I hope you are doing okay. I was not okay at first, but I am feeling better now to finally write this here.

All I know is that we are just two different flawed person, who needed to go on our own separate journey to discover about ourselves. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise so we can both grow from here.

And maybe, in the future when we are ready to accept each other’s flaw, we could be a better friend for each other.

Until that day comes, you go that way, I go this way, if by fate,we meet again, we’d greet each other like old friends do.

I’m sure with or without me,your life will be okay, and so will mine be.

Be happy and take a very good care of yourself.



Why is x=Unknown?


I Am No Rocket Scientist.

This is my favorite Ted talk that I could watch over and over again. It shows that you could share so much in just 3:57 minutes. In this video, Terry Moore briefly shares with us on the history of knowledge transfer from the Arabs to the Europeans through the translation of Arabic texts containing the algebra equations (Al-Jebr mainly by Al-Khawarizmi) by the Spanish in the 11th – 12th centuries. So why is ‘x’ the unknown? It’s because you can’t say ‘sh’ in Spanish!

P/s: I miss maths, science and the lab!

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Friend: what to do if i am irritated by my friends behaviour?

Me: it depends on what kind of behaviour that they are behaving.

Friend: gossiping? I tend to stay away from them

Me: then thats good, theres nothing wrong with staying away from people who gossips about others. You dont have to cut them off entirely, just keep a distance. You dont need to spend time with people like that
Friend: what if other behaviour that you dont like?

Me: well, thats pretty tricky, because what we ‘like’ is not the same with what others like…so if i were you, i will find 99 good things about them, rather than focusing on that ‘one’ thing that irritates me. Sometimes, all we need to do is overlook peoples flaw, because nobody is perfect, so are we. So look beyond imperfection and you will stop looking for perfection in them.
You see, we tend to want people to be like the way we want, but we cant. Everyone is unique in their own way, so we just have to accept the fact that we cant expect people to be the way ‘we’ want. Thats not how it works, but we can try to work out the way we treat people, and work things out between us and the people we care about.

Lately i find myself doing this, if its not my problem, then dont bother trying to fix people or a situation that you cant change. Change must come from them, we cant expect people to change overnight. So pray for them that they may change for the better one day, instead of trying to change them the way we want them to be. We need to learn to accept people the way they already are, good or bad it comes with the package.

Once you decide someone is your friend or lover , you must be prepared to accept even the worst side of them. And that takes a lot of patience,and understanding, its a test you have to go through time, so it takes a lot of strength and courage to accept people wholeheartedly.

Its easy to love someone, but its harder to ‘like’ them, so you just gonna have to work things out from there and see if you two can work out your differences. If they really matter to you, and if they are really a good friend, you dont have to work hard to make it work or make it too hard for them to be in your life.

Naturally, things will work out in the end. But how you choose to work things out is up to you. Friends comes and go, only few will stay, so if you only have one or two who stays in spite of your silly arguments, your flaws, and all the things that have happened between you both, and still wants to be your friend after seeing your worst side, then thats all enough for you. And if they dont, they let them go, you were never meant to be together anyway.

Stop worrying about the one friend that left you, and start appreciating those who actually stayed for you. Sure they may be wonderful friends, but they are only there for a season. Thats all. A season.

But true friends are for a lifetime, so between these two, which one would you rather be with and stand by them? Seasonal friends wont even bother to pop up when you need them the most, you’ll easily identify them.
But true friends will somehow try to make time for you despite their busy schedule. They may not be able to be with you 24/7 but they are there for you 24/7 in case you have a breakdown or something.

So what do you have to loose? You lost one friend, no big deal, but you gained more and better friends thanks to that one friend who left.

Sailing a ‘friendship’ aint easy, you need to have the right crew, so if your crews arent reliable, you’ll sink. So its okay to take out those who will only mess around and break your ship, leave them. You have a long way to go, so be with the right kind of people, instead of letting all this negative people bringing you down.

You dont need such negativity, throwing out all these negative people is like removing thorns thats been piercing your skin, or an anchor, you cant sail if you still have the anchor on the sea floor, so you gotta pull up the anchor and sail away. The best time to sail is when the wind blows the hardest, and the waves moving , so keep your balance, adjust your sail, and sail away!
Sooner or later, the storm will calm, and the sun will shine, as you look back at the journeys youve been through, you’d be glad that you made it through. Soon, it will all become a story of how you sailed all over the world and made it

Isnt that wonderful?


The other day, someone said how great I am to be continuing my master

I didnt believe it, theres nothing great about it

But then, my doctor told me how greatly satisfied she was seeing how good my life turn out to be since my surgery

Maybe, i should believe myself more , that i am already great, i just dont realize it until somebody points it out.

Maybe thats what we all need to do, believe that we are already great no matter where we are in our life, we made it through, and that we can be greater, and better than we were yesterday.

Humans are weak, but God is great! So He sends you all this people regardless how good or bad they were to you, to make us a great person and achieve remarkable things in life, if only we convince ourself that we are just as great as everybody else


A wise men said, butterflies can only fly when they kick themselves out of their cocoon. If we try to poke it out of their cocoon, they will die because they will not learn how to fly.

So does people , sometimes we just have to let people grow, make mistakes & learn their own lesson. Because that is the only way they will learn.