You dont have to be liked by everyone

You just have to like yourself enough that you you dont care if people like you or not.
The problem with this generation is that they want to be ‘liked’ and ‘followed’

People like you for who you are, not what you pretend to be

Or want to be.

You dont need to change yourself for others, 

You change because you want …to …grow out of your own insecurities.
And were brave enough to accept your own weakness to overcome it.

Most people get disappointed when people they met do not appear to be who they thought they were or expected to be.
Thats where you always get disappointed…

Because we ‘expect’ people to be who we want them to be without realizing that these people are born in their own way, go through different experience than us, exposed to different environment and one thing for sure…are not …like ..you

If only people would accept the simple fact that, human beings,even animals are never the same. 
Even if they share the same parents, grow in the same house, studied at the same school…but never share the same body and mind 
(even siamese twins have different personality than the other)

So why bother complaining about how these people arent behaving the way you expect them to be, when you can never expect them to behave the way we want them to be.

Stop trying to control how people should behave in this world, stop criticizing everything that irritates you, stop pointing out other peoples flaw just because you dont like them.

One year or less than now, they might have change to a better person in the future and you are still stuck with who they were in the past.

If you have time to focus on other peoples lackness….probably..you are the one whos lack of focus in your life. Because people who have time to find faults in others, surely havent been spending enough time reflecting into their own fault.

I read somewhere that, people who are too busy about other peoples life, do not have any goals in their life except talking about other peoples life. People who have goals in life, are too busy trying to achieve their own goal than talking about useless talk.

So spend your time wisely, choose your words carefully and stop wasting your time on things that dont matter to you or benefit you.
Resisting yourself from talking about peoples life and actually putting your life together….are much harder than you think. 
Try that sometime, and see how your life will actually change.


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