Malaysia Airline, A tribute

Thank you Raisch Studios  for this tribute.

This was certainly not my first flight with Malaysia Airlines, but it was the most memorable.

It goes back 7 years ago when me and my friend, went to Germany for a 3 month stay with a German muslim family for an internship while waiting for the new semester to start, and Li Ying at that time waiting for her graduation.

I never thought it would be the start for a beautiful friendship (i didn’t put your picture here without your permission Ying, in case you dont want to be famous haha)

It was at this time, I learn to live with , one a non muslim up close, and a german muslim family at the same time. But set that story aside, lets go back to MAS and why I love flying with them.

For me, it always give you the closest feeling to ‘home’ whenever you fly with them, i did not feel like I was going abroad until I had to leave the plane. When you enter, you see your ‘orang kampung’ greeting you, one of them sneaked in some chocolate from the first class for us, it was just a chocolate but still you were touched by their kind gesture to us.

Then, we get to meet this wonderful stewardess, I can only remember her name as Siti Hajar (had i not took a close up picture of her name tag haha) , but i do,every time make sure that she was not on the list of the stewardess in both MH370 & MH17.It would have been devastating news if she was on board. I dont know why, but every time news like this hits you, you just can’t help to feel sad with them. It does feel different when it hits something that is closest to you, even if you dont know anyone on the plane. 

And when its time for us to return to Malaysia, our flights were delayed for almost 10 hour, due to an engine problem. When most of the passengers were grunting and frustrated by the delays, we the Malaysians were happily having our meals with the vouchers MAS gave us while waiting for them to rectify the problem. Instead of feeling all frustrated by the delays, we get to know each other and became instant friends at that time.

To be honest we were glad that there was a delay, else we would left the plane as strangers instead. Me and my friend particularly would rather be delayed safely on the ground, rather than up there. Personally I admire how MAS handle crisis, even for a mere delay, one of the officer who was in charge were so calm and so cool despite being badgered over and over again by impatient passengers who just could not tolerate with delays. Which im sure everyone wants to arrive their destination for their own reason, but pushing the buttons so many times wont make the ‘lift’ arrive faster, imagine if something goes wrong if they didn’t discover the engine problem earlier, it would probably be our last flight ‘home’. 

Okay, maybe I have never lost anyone in a plane, but I know how it feels to lose the people we love. On the flight, it was not just the Pilot and crew that lost their life, it was not just the passengers, but the people they leave behind . they could be someone’s father, mother,wife, husband,children, or friend and even our own PM step grandmother was also on that plane.I bet anyone in this world belongs to at least someone or have someone they love or care, so if you don’t feel something for these people on the flight, then something must be wrong with your heart that you can’t feel a single shed of empathy for them.

And it is truly unacceptable for anyone to question how Malaysia choose to handle this issue (Even for MH370 people would still question it) But i dont even care a single thing what these ‘people’ think about how we should and should not do, I standby Malaysia’s decision in not interfering with any country’s crisis, we don’t need to side with any of them. What matters is  for the body to come back safely and the black box return to us so that we can figure out what actually happen without pointing finger to anyone until we have evident proof. It reflects the priority of the Malaysian government itself in putting Malaysians first, than getting tangled up with some filthy political games. 

As for Malaysia Airline, I always believe that wherever we go, you carry your name, your identity, your culture, your country and everything about Malaysia. Part of you will always be a ‘Malaysian’ at heart no matter how far we go. So flying with Malaysia Airline, gives you the same feeling, you feel like you are flying with ‘Malaysia’. You carry it in your heart, and you will always remember the hospitality they bring for you, and the smiles, and the warm feeling you get every time they greet you as you enter and leave the plane.

So thank you Malaysia Airline for giving us the most memorable flight every time we fly with you, and may you always continue to serve your best and be stronger tan you were every time. I am sure that these two tragic incident have somehow in some way change your life, so i hope that you have a good life ahead. I may not know any of you personally (but reading some blog about the life of stewardess), well, lets just say, i will just make sure that i don’t add up to your problems with the ones you already had dealing with other passengers that is very determined to make your life challenging.

May all. of you (even from other Airlines), have a blessed Ramadhan and a wonderful Eid, even if you had to celebrate it up in the air with other people’s family instead your own. Even if you missed out each other’s birthday, or anniversary, or important event in your life because you had to serve other people (Applicable to those who had to go through the same thing). Know that at least me and most of the Malaysians will always support Malaysia Airline.

Thank you for your service. Its been a privileged to be flying with Malaysia Airline so I will leave this post with a quote from the late Maya Angelou:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

– Maya Angelou.


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