The strangers crowdfund


“We’re making our first feature-length documentary and we need your help..
We’ve travelled the length and breadth of England, France and Spain, shooting at least fifty hours of interviews with men and women who’ve been Muslim for over forty years; men and women whose spine-tingling stories of conversion and subsequent experiences in this remarkable community have never really been heard. We’ve unearthed some astonishing archive material – dream-like Super-8 footage of these European Muslims in Morocco, photos of them building a community back in England, and much more besides.

But there’s still work to do. We want to film where it all started in Morocco, as well as in North America and South Africa where some of these people now reside. We need to pay for the archive material we’ve found, and we need to pay a colourist and mixer for that cinematic look and sound. With the help of Radical Middle Way, along with our own wages and savings, we’ve achieved a lot, but we just need a bit more help in order for the film to reach the standard that the story deserves.”

Join the movement and lend your support to our project at:


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