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We had some good times and I sure won't forget 'em, but at the end of the day, you made me shoulder too much of the blame for things I had nothing to do with.

source: delusioninabox


Looking back I always wondered if I really truly wasted time on situations that shouldn’t have mattered so much or on people that I didn’t really matter all that much to. I know I have but it was a learning experience and I have moved on. And in order to know that we were wasting time is through our experiences. Now I am not saying that those people had a right to treat you like you don’t matter and they certainly don’t have a right to feel like they were lesson that you needed to learn. Most people who come into your life don’t purposely want to hurt you or let you down, it just happens. In the end they wouldn’t feel honored for “teaching you how to let go.” They would most likely have wished things would have ended differently and not end up apart of your past. But everything happens for reason and I have learned to trust again and to love again and I have walked away from those who have offered nothing solid or positive in the forms of a friendship. If you are the lesson I was supposed to have learned…well believe me when I tell you it taught me how to walk away and to keep on walking from people who only pretended to be there for me. You brought me to the right places and eventually helped me find the right people. Thanks for the beautiful life lessons, but don’t expect an award. Every lesson that was meant to teach me something has taught me a lot – and I have taken that lesson with me on my journey. But I’m sure I’d get along fine whether or not you were there to teach me. The truth is I knew how to “let go” all along, but sometimes we end up trusting the wrong people or expect too much from a friend who was only willing to give so little.
Joanna Strafford



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