Charlie Day’s commencement address


“You cannot let a fear of failure, or a fear of comparison or a fear of judgement stop you from doing what’s going to make you great, you cannot succeed without this risk of failure, you cannot have a voice without the risk of criticism and you cannot love without the risk of lost. You must go out and you must take this risk. –

None of it comes easy, and people will tell you what makes you happy, but a lot of this has been hard work. and i am not always happy. And i don’t think you should do just what makes you happy, i think you should do what makes you great. Do what’s uncomfortable, and scary and hard but pays off in the long run.

Be willing to fail, let yourself fail. Fail in the place where you want to fail fail, pick yourself up and fail again. because without this struggle what is success anyway? Look its best that we know we only have one life, in it you have to trust your own voice, your own ideas, your honesty, your vulnerability and through this you will find your way.

You do not have to be fearless, just don’t let fear stop you. Live like this as best you can and i guarantee you will look back on a life well lived. You are capable of greatness in your profession and more importantly, your quality of self. Stay hungry, stay young at heart, take those risk, you are going to change the world around you in big ways and in small, and i greatly looking forward to be part of the future that you will shape.”



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