Ramadhan Reflections: Don’t be Sad

“The Calling of Allah swt comes through trials and tribulations, and you can react of one of two ways. Either you can deal with the pain at that moment, and decide to get closer to Allah swt.

Or you can decide to just restrict that pain to yourself, not do anything about it, and you will see what it does to your Deen. And this is the last stage in the cycle in isolation, that once you are isolated you’ll see that eventually your Deen starts to disappear, the content of your salah, the kushu in your salah, it disappears

Your ability to recite the Koran is no longer there your ability to flash during the day. Your ability to fast during the day gets taken away, what did you do differently? What you did differently was you gave yourself into shaytan and shaytan’s promise is that he will lead you astray. he will lead you away from the path of Allah swt.
So in times of trials and tribulation, you need to seek out the believers, you need to see out the righteous.
and let them be your guide and helpto Allah swt.
There is actually a blessing inside trials that we don’t want to perceive.
The simplest trial that an individual will go through  is that he is walking on the road and he gets pricked by a thorn, he gets pricked by something that goes through his skin and caused him to say OUCH!
but it’s only for a split second.
The Prophet SAW said,
“That no individual is pricked by a thorn except that Allah swt purifies Him, with a sin for it”
Trials and tribulations are a means of purification, they are means of purifying you, so you can go to the purest of places. ‘The punishment’ of Allah is not out of anger and wrath, the punishment of Allah is a means of cleansing you, of your sins. The punishment of Allah is a preparation, that you can go into the noblest and purest places, Al Firdaus Al A’la. And this is why Allah swt sends trials and tribulations.”

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