Ramadhan Reflections: Guided Through Quran – Rahim Jung

“Things started to change, my career starting to have problems, my relationships start to having some problems, but my heart started to feel different. When things started to go wrong in the music business, and they didn’t go wrong from a Dunya point of view. From the Dunya POV they were very good, but inside my heart, I was feeling more and more depressed. More and more empty, and it got to the stage one day I really thought I was going crazy, I was at my house, I thought I was going mad.

And i remember thinking about God, and making a deal. There were many many sins in my life at that time. And I remember saying to God, if you help me in this situation i’m in now, I would give up all my sins, for three weeks.

This was the deal i made with God and from that day, is when I say I will open the Quran and I will read it. And when I open the Quran and I read it on that day, like a miracle, the verse I read in English,

“After every difficulties, comes ease.” (94:5)

Like a miracle because I was very desperate at that time, I didn’t know where to go, I didn’t know where to turn and..the last thing I wanted a Deen. I didn’t want to be religious, I wanted Dunya. I t was as if this verse was just read for me, no one else. I didn’t even know God, Allah or whatever, but this Book somehow knew exactly what I needed at that point, at that time, like a miracle”



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