Paska holiday retreat

Alkisah… Selalulah disangka budak sekolah, pergi fieldtrip pon disangka budak sekolah, kalau nasib baik dpt tix for kids.. Kalau ckp skrg blajar kt university disangka first year so pasrah je la…

Budak sekolah…first year.. Apapun org sangka usia kita.. Bersyukur je la dgn anugerahNya..Takde rahsia awet muda ..sbb mmg makin tua pon haha

Just eat healthy, live well, be happy & make other people happy or at least easier for them if you can help it. Think positive and avoid negativity and people who loves bringing you down, it will only drain your energy and not worth it at all.

Stop counting your age or freckles coz its your new friend because if you were to count the blessings He gave us, not even the biggest calculator can count for you. Taken from dads advice a long time ago, embrace aging, it took you years to get to this age.

Remember, as we grow old, so does our parents age, be more concern about them than you getting old. Use every opportunity to live your life the most and for the people who deserve your attention. We live only twice, first in this world, and then the hereafter, both world relates to each other, but only one world you will live forever if you Believe.

So choose well whatever you want to do in this world, as long as He gave us the time to live, contribute to those around you as much as you can, then, pass it to those after you so they can take care of the world the way you want it to be taken care of. Regrets and mistakes are parts and parcel of life, its what makes who you are today and in the future and hereafter. What matters is not the mistakes you made, but what you make from the lessons He gave.

Everyday is one more day chance to write your life, every breath you take is one more chance to live, so its never too late to be whoever you want to be, to forgive the people you vow not to, to ask forgiveness from those who you made a mistake, to do the things you always wanted to do, and to love the person the way you should have treated them,and to make the world a better place to live.

So who says its too late? The future is now.

# i feel so old writing this & i dont know how it turn out like this hahahahah ;P


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