Disconnect to reconnect

Spending quality time with my family for the past few days without gadgets or internet getting into my way are probably the best time ive ever had. Seriously you should try to resist the temptation and give your full focus to the people around us and start noticing life in ways you will never expect before.

Talk..listen..and spend sometime with the person infront of you., have real conversation instead of typing your way texting,whatsapping people simultaneously.
You will never know how much it means to give your attention to them rather than scrolling through your phone.

Gadgets, Likes, Instagram,  Check In, Tweets,, can wait but life goes away every second of it.

Who knows if its the last time you get to talk to the person you love and all we do is just scroll through our phones than talking to them for the last time?

Disconnect…to reconnect..


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