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I may not watch a lot of malay movies, but i would for this two beautiful pair Beto & Crissy
Now, if only there’s Redza Minhat as well instead of Remy Ishak hahahaa


The Favor Bank

The Favor Bank

‘What is this Favor Bank?’

‘It was an American writer who first mentioned it. It’s the most powerful bank in the world, and you’ll find it in every sphere of life.’

‘What favors could I do for anyone?’

‘That doesn’t matter in the least. Let me give you an example: I know that one day, you’ll be very influential. I know this because, like you, I too was once ambitious, independent, honest. I no longer have the energy I once had, but I want to help you because I can’t or don’t want to grind to a halt just yet.
I start making deposits in your account – not cash deposits, you understand, but contacts. I introduce you to such and such a person, I arrange certain deals, as long as they’re legal. You know that you owe me something, but I never ask you for anything.’

‘And then one day…’
‘ One day, I’ll ask you for a favor. You do what I ask, I continue to help you, and other people see that you’re a decent, loyal sort of person and so they too make deposits in your account – always in the form of contacts, because this world is made up of contacts and nothing else. They too will one day ask you for a favor, and you will respect and help the people who have helped you. You’ll know everyone you need to know and your influence will keep on growing.’

‘I could refuse to do what you ask me to do.’

‘You could. The Favor Bank is a risky investment, just like any other bank. You refuse to grant the favor I asked you, in the belief that I helped you because you deserved to be helped, because everyone should recognize your talent. Fine, I say thank you very much and ask someone else into whose account I’ve also made various deposits, but from then on, everyone knows, without me having to say a word, that you are not to be trusted.

‘You’ll grow only half as much as you could have grown, and certainly not as much as you would have liked to. At a certain point, your life will begin to decline, you got halfway, but not all the way. Neither frustrated nor fulfilled. You’re neither cold nor hot, you’re lukewarm, and as an evangelist in some holy book says: “Lukewarm things are not pleasing to the palate.”‘


as told to the main character, the writer, in THE ZAHIR

Lets talk about ‘Community’#2

“Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise.” .

Its true that i haven’t been updating (this blog as well as) the news lately, one, because i was too busy to finish up my research though at at times i find myself stuck and stopping for a while before i continue my thesis. But when it comes to the news going on lately, i don’t know what is going on.

From Tudung Fareeda to Panda to Dyana.Okay that rhymes somehow with no intention. But seeing from the news feed of the things my friends talks in facebook, i could only glance a bit of the things commonly shared on their facebook. News comes faster from facebook than the newspaper itself. So it was easy for me to somehow update myself of whats going on, the only thing is that i would not be googling more about it like i would do before. By all means, the world goes on without you while you are too busy to build your own world.

What i find it sad, and frustrating is to see how regardless which side of coin you see these party, they are pretty much the same. It seems that politicians nowadays are more concerned of saving their seats, rather than serving the people and the community around them. I wanted to write something about the community but somehow lost some idea.

The only thing that stays in my mind is how i realize that i don’t even know the butcher, the fruit seller, the vegetable nyonya at the market near my home, which is sad. And it makes me wonder if any of these politicians knew their own local community? Do they know where to get the best fish, meat, chicken or vegetable at the local wet market? Do anyone ever come down any more and ask them how are they instead of getting it straight from the multi corporate companies?

There’s a strange warm feeling i get seeing these sellers talking to you and asking you what you want to buy rather than a quiet cash person sitting at the counter , scanning, and ask two things: Do you have a club card? And a dry ‘Thank You’ 

I was surprised actually to find a cashier at the vegetable counter, chatting warmly with an elder couple, it seems like its wrong to talk to each other just because they are the customer. One of the reasons why i quit that short two days i worked before in a multinational supermarket, was because one, they squeeze you so much that some people had to work 2-3 shifts due to lack of workers with no complaints or protest. But because, another reason where you can’t  work together with your friend at the same time to avoid from talking to each other. Now that’s one rights i refuse to be taken away (not just because i like to talk) , but it seems that i will turn into a robot if i were to work there. I am after all a person who values freedom..with responsibility, of cause.

And it doesnt happen only in big supermarket but almost anywhere even among our friends? The bigger we develop the smaller our society breaks into pieces. even in university setting, we are all focused into only one or two friends we meet the most. While the rest, are too busy to graduate they (some) dont even bother to participate in anything even in class.

When the community becomes too big, the people separates themselves. But when the community are small, people becomes closer by finding reasons to be together. Why is that so? For example, when i went for exchange programme, I somehow landed in Cork, a small town in Ireland.  There, the muslims esp the Malaysian community are small, therefore they strengthen their community by keeping in touch with each other, making gatherings and spending time together. However in my university, the only time there is any activity would be conference or seminar or annual dinner. Of cause there was a lot of society activity, but never something that makes you feel you are a part of the community you are in. Perhaps i am wrong, but even myself felt disconnected from the community i live in. Either because initially in the beginning, i disconnect myself and when i try to reconnect, its harder than you think.

So in the end, i started with looking for new friends,although the only thing we would do is just talk about our day and spend some time eating together. But i hope in these few month till i can finally graduate, it can somehow grow bigger than the ones I have now and perhaps in the future, do something that will give my life a purpose and more meaningful than where I am right now.


 “Build a little community of those you love and who love you”

– Morrie Schwartz.









Lets talk about ‘community’

“The problem, Mitch, is that we don’t believe we are as much alike as we are. Whites and blacks, Catholics and Protestants, men and women. If we saw each other as more alike, we might be very eager to join in one big human family in this world, and to care about that family the way we care about our own.

But believe me, when you are dying, you see it is true. We all have the same beginning – birth – and we all have the same end – death. So how different can we be?

Invest in the human family. Invest in people. Build a little community of those you love and who love you.

Devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.”

― Mitch Albom, Tuesdays With Morrie


To be continued…

Paska holiday retreat

Alkisah… Selalulah disangka budak sekolah, pergi fieldtrip pon disangka budak sekolah, kalau nasib baik dpt tix for kids.. Kalau ckp skrg blajar kt university disangka first year so pasrah je la…

Budak sekolah…first year.. Apapun org sangka usia kita.. Bersyukur je la dgn anugerahNya..Takde rahsia awet muda ..sbb mmg makin tua pon haha

Just eat healthy, live well, be happy & make other people happy or at least easier for them if you can help it. Think positive and avoid negativity and people who loves bringing you down, it will only drain your energy and not worth it at all.

Stop counting your age or freckles coz its your new friend because if you were to count the blessings He gave us, not even the biggest calculator can count for you. Taken from dads advice a long time ago, embrace aging, it took you years to get to this age.

Remember, as we grow old, so does our parents age, be more concern about them than you getting old. Use every opportunity to live your life the most and for the people who deserve your attention. We live only twice, first in this world, and then the hereafter, both world relates to each other, but only one world you will live forever if you Believe.

So choose well whatever you want to do in this world, as long as He gave us the time to live, contribute to those around you as much as you can, then, pass it to those after you so they can take care of the world the way you want it to be taken care of. Regrets and mistakes are parts and parcel of life, its what makes who you are today and in the future and hereafter. What matters is not the mistakes you made, but what you make from the lessons He gave.

Everyday is one more day chance to write your life, every breath you take is one more chance to live, so its never too late to be whoever you want to be, to forgive the people you vow not to, to ask forgiveness from those who you made a mistake, to do the things you always wanted to do, and to love the person the way you should have treated them,and to make the world a better place to live.

So who says its too late? The future is now.

# i feel so old writing this & i dont know how it turn out like this hahahahah ;P

Disconnect to reconnect

Spending quality time with my family for the past few days without gadgets or internet getting into my way are probably the best time ive ever had. Seriously you should try to resist the temptation and give your full focus to the people around us and start noticing life in ways you will never expect before.

Talk..listen..and spend sometime with the person infront of you., have real conversation instead of typing your way texting,whatsapping people simultaneously.
You will never know how much it means to give your attention to them rather than scrolling through your phone.

Gadgets, Likes, Instagram,  Check In, Tweets,, can wait but life goes away every second of it.

Who knows if its the last time you get to talk to the person you love and all we do is just scroll through our phones than talking to them for the last time?

Disconnect…to reconnect..