To all my friends

I have come to a point where i choose my friends and don’t matter if they don’t choose me. because there’s always a reason why we don’t make it to be friends at some point of life. Or, why we were friends but never could be the same again when we weren’t. And how we weren’t friends but somehow became friends.

 In being friends, i’ve always welcome any new friends no matter who they are. as long as they really are a friend to me, other things don’t matter.  unless they start revealing they are not – then i don’t mind if we are no longer friends. but some day in the future, i will always miss that time when we were friends.

 there are friends, that i don’t have to be together too often but when we did even if its just once in a blue moon.  it was enough to make up for all the times we didn’t spend time together. we know too well that we don’t have to contact each other because we know that despite that, our mind will always remember each other. its just that due to certain reasons, we couldn’t meet that often. and that kind of friendship – i think we pretty much matured together to realize that – that’s my best friend

 there are friends who used to be my friend, shared a whole lot of time together. but due to certain reasons too – we went our separate ways only to come back and find each other again at the same road. although later on we took separate ways not because of the past, but somehow, we find new friends but we still want to keep the old – at least for the memories – at least for what we had – at least as friends because we still care for each other – that ‘was’ my friend.

 for whatever reason we were friends – and became friends again – or maybe some  who still weren’t my friends again, i really did cared for you and i know u did. if we are still friends, then that’s good, because i still care for you though we may not be able to change the past behind us – but we can still change the future – and being friends is the only way for us to make that happen.

 there are friends, whom by chance, by fate, by mysteriously ridiculous whatever way we became friends which i am yet to explore the friendship we recently gained. and for strange reasons, i open up to them, page by page, little by little, and hopefully one day, break the walls – no not fb wall – the wall inside me so that one day we can show who we really are – those are my new friends.

 but to those who is not close enough as friends – i still regard you as a friend. just that i may not be as close as you are with your own best friends,so  if we are not close,its only because you already have someone better off than me who have always been a good friend to you – a friend that neither i can reach that level of friendship you already have, and i know you are lucky to have them as much as i am lucky to have my close friends – that’s just a friend i know.

but out of all friends, there are friends, who just found the key to my heart without using a key at all.

because only the right person can open it because that person is the key – that’s my ‘future’ more than friend.

but for those who is already my friends – those who is close enough to realize that we are friends

i just want to say thank you for choosing me and you are welcome – i choose you too (“,)




“Why did you do all this for me?’ he asked.
‘I don’t deserve it. I’ve never done anything for you.’
‘You have been my friend,’ replied Charlotte.
‘That in itself is a tremendous thing.””

E.B. White, Charlotte’s Web


*an old post


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