Für Sie

I learnt that we don’t have to have too many friends but only few good ones worth keeping. It doesn’t matter how many friends we lose but who stays with you even after knowing your flaws. And though i may seem to be selective of who I choose to be friends with, its only those whom I feel like I can be more of myself and those who brings out the best in me, who’d see through the real me, and accepts you for who you are.

Don’t we all?

So today, i realize how much a very good friend have touched me, when my tears streaming down out of nowhere the moment that person comes across my mind. I try not to remind myself of the fact she’ll be leaving Malaysia in a week time, but somehow it just pops up in your mind and you find yourself sobbing all the way while you were walking alone with all these flashbacks going through you. Although i know she’ll be back but somehow it feels so much different now than the last time she went abroad for holiday. You genuinely feel happy for them but somehow you feel sad that you will no longer get to spend time the way you used to. I was never good at goodbyes. Yes, I am referring to you, who probably be commenting after reading this.

‘So yeah, this post have no whatsoever reason except the fact that im gonna miss you real bad!!

Ich vermisse dich schon 





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