Sudirman in Memory

This is like the best documentary on Sudirman, I was very surprised to know how much he puts from the start till the end of his life. I mean, how many singer who would pursue both academic & their love to music? I think he pretty much pushed his own limits and ability as a singer into a versatile performer. I didn’t even know he draws other than his ‘signature’.

I was only 6 when he passed away but his songs remains in my heart ever since , that sometimes i could cry listening to his songs. Among my fave would definitely be, Hujan, Basikal Tua, Nilai CintamuPelangi Petang, Merisik Khabar , Milik Siapakah Gadis IniTerasing,    Salam Terakhir & especially Balik Kampung where you just feel so glee about going back to your village every Eid.  You can see how close and easy he warms up with his fans just from one look, like  Sanggam Bhol Radha Bhol , even his Merdeka song   31 Ogos lifts your spirit up as you hear it.

Quite surprised that Kami was a flop, but i dont think it was a failure at all. The audience was just not ready for such new style of film, to me it was the best film that made me cry.  Unfortunately, God loves him more than everyone else so whatever was the cause of his illness is out of Allah’s will , so return O soul with glad tidings.

May Allah bless your soul and keep you among those He loves. Al Fatihah

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