How to ‘blog’ workshop


Last Saturday, I had to share my experience in blogging to a group of high school girls , there was 44 of them. But we divided into two group and teach them group by group

At first i thought i was just going to assist my friend who will explain on how to make a blog and just be on the background, showing these girls how to use the blog. It was later i was told to share my blog, and that means, share my experience as well

Honestly i was nervous, i am sure that at least 37 of those girls, are viewing my blog on that day. I know this because the stats says so, i dont like to read the stats, it makes you feel somewhat insecure that there are people reading your blog. But stats helps me to track if there is anonymous nasty comments which i should have mentioned in the talk, so if any of you are reading this, take that as a note. Although sometimes stats are not reliable, you’ll learn why the longer you use the blog 😉

Anyway, since that i did not prepare any speech, i decided to jot down some main points a few minutes before the actual talk. So here are the things i talked about, before that, i’d like to point out that i am not a famous blogger, that i can assure you! It have been modified, since that i did not have a lot of time to elaborate more on that, plus the talk was about how to use the blog more than about me. So i did not want to steal too much time and focus on whats important. Now that i have time to write what i wanted to say in the talk, you can read this for future reference

  • I love writing, i started with writing on a diary before moving to online blogging. I can’t remember when i started to write a diary, but i used to have a diary when i was a kid. Probably in my teenage years 13 and above, i can’t remember. But i didn’t start writing my diary straight away , sometimes i write my own story using old A4 paper and make a story out of it, i even wrote a short funny love story novel which by now i dont know where i put it, i think some of my friends enjoyed reading it though. When it comes to diary, there’s quite a black history over the years actually, my siblings found my diary and read it, and told me about it by teasing me with some of the things i wrote. It was quite embarrassing moment for me, and i was angry at them for reading my diary without my permission. From one siblings, lead to another, so almost all my siblings have read my diary. For someone who loves to write, its actually something that you must not do  to them since its their private life put on writing. Don’t take it lightly, never read or take something without their permission. I was so angry about it, i tear off everything i wrote and threw it in the dustbin. It took me quite  long time to start writing again and this time via online blogging. In the beginning,  i wrote using a different blog hosting, Blogspot, if im not mistaken. I also wrote in my friendster back then, and later on my facebook notes, sometimes i’d write in my notebook in case i forgot what i want to write, even in my handphone notes, just about anything as long as my ideas can be stored somewhere until i have time to write it properly. If any of my siblings are reading this, don’t worry, ive already let it pass behind, instead i should be thankful, one because it taught me to keep my diary better by writing it somewhere hidden. You can actually make your blog private, you know. But for this blog, it started of as a continuation of my exchange blog. So i don’t mind to share it with my friends & family since i don’t share private stuff on the internet. You will never know how your past will catch up with you in the future. So i just keep all the details to myself or people close to me.


  • Now we move to the details, which is the main rule of blogging which i made up myself in that last minute speech of mine. Lol! But its actually a general rule in everything you do in life, Be yourself, and be original. One of my friend asked me before about how to be ‘famous blogger’ , probably because on my blog, it seems like i have so many viewers but in reality there’s only a few people who keeps coming back to read my blog. Most of them are just passers by who happen to stumble upon my blog, so don’t be deceived by statistic. The only time there are heavy traffic @ people coming to my blog to read my post was the Tun Dr Mahathir Love Story post i translated into english because i love their story. It would be a pity if there aren’t an english version of it so that more people will know about it. Its just my hobby to translate some of the post i find interesting to share. To me,  I write to express not to impress and its just a way for me to share my thoughts using blog as the medium. Since that there are so many things in my mind, writing helps me to get those things into words by writing it out. Only then, i can somehow make peace of whatever inside my mind. Else i will be stuck with all the those thing in my head and it will bother me for days. Its rather therapeutic actually for us. So if you love writing, blogging is just one of the way for you to channel your thoughts and improve your writing.


  • Now that we are talking on that,  i must admit that writing from paper to online have its own pros and cons, but one thing it helps me most is that how it improves my writing especially essays which most of you kids will need to send in for the whole 5 years of your school days. So give yourself a little challenge by testing your way of writing, write something different, or write different topic that you never written about. That’s why, when i write here, i never write one specific thing, and i am not someone who likes to update everything i do on the internet unless its important for me to share or if i feel like sharing some of my personal life here such as my siblings or friends wedding, my nephew & niece or how i spend my birthday for example. I didn’t realize that i was actually pushing my writing ability when i start to write on various topics, some are base on current issue, some out of randomness, some are things that bothers me in the past, or the future. It depends.


  • When i write, the only time i read back what i wrote is when i am about to publish it, to check on my grammar, and after i have publish it to check on any spelling mistakes and to make sure i am satisfied with what i have written. I’m quite a perfectionist in how i write, but i will not read it again after i am happy with what i wrote. Whatever i wrote here will be treated as my past, i try not to go back and read my past, unless there are important post that i need to remind myself on a particular moment in my life. Its like letting go of my past, so it helps me to move past it and get on with my life. But whenever i do happen to read some of it, i find myself confuse as to when and how did i came to write all this stuff on my blog. haha


  • So here is some of my tips on blogging:

 1. A good Url.

Since that blogging to me, is very personal to me. I like to make sure that whatever i wrote, even the blog itself, must always reflect me. You are what you write, so whatever you do will reflect back on you. So choose a good url that will reflect who you are, don’t try to be someone else, sooner or later people will see your true colour.Why be a copycat, when you are your own original copy? Try avoid using url that is too complicated or hard to spell, or names like ‘Princess’ unless you are one, but still if thats who you feel inside then go ahead, why not right? You can be unique but don’t try too hard or people will mistake you as a freak instead. As for me, i prefer my blog to be my own name, but since that i have already use it on my previous blog, i had to come up with a new one. Thats why i chose ‘Mencari Sakiinah’ , which have a double meaning, ‘Mencari’ means To Seek or Searching For, while Sakiinah is my name, which also means, ‘Peace’, or ‘Calm’ or ‘Tranquility’, and some say ‘Cool’ hahaaha Thanks mom for the cool name!! 😛


2.  Be creative

You can write however, whichever way you want, it can be topical, reflective, critical analysis, anyway you want as long as you know what you are writing about. Don’t write something you don’t know for sure, especially something that have not been verified or unconfirmed yet, it will lead to gossips and speculations. You will only be famous for the wrong reasons. Karma have their own way in getting back at people who do bad things to others, so sooner or later, truth will be revealed and you have to pay your own price for the things you do in this world. Be responsible to what you write, if you mistakenly post something that is not true, own up, if you took someone else art work and share it on your blog, acknowledge their hard work by crediting them on your post. Most of them don’t mind to share as long as you ask their permission, it makes a lot of difference when you ask permission and copying something made by others and posting it as if its yours.


3. Self censorship

Think and rethink before you post. Its not uncommon to hear people post things on the net without checking their source or whether or not its true.  I think i have mention this earlier and most of us are adult enough to understand why it is important to do this. The choice is yours.


4. Take your own time to post

The only time that is good to post is when you have something to post, this is after all your blog so you can write daily,weekly,monthly depends on your own time. Don’t feel obliged to post anything just because you feel like people want to read your post, although sometimes i do get followers asking me why i haven’t post so long haha. Do not succumb to peoples demand, even if its your followers. This is not a competition of who post how many post in a day, there are times i post a lot of stuff ,there are times i will just ignore it until i have something to write about. Quality over quantity, i am quite glad that for the past 5 years since i started this blog, i only post like 500 post, so thats like 100 post per year.But only because i rarely post here ;P


5. Write it your way

Again, i would like to stress that you are allowed to write it any way you want. My way is to relate what i do in my daily life with whatever i find interesting or worth sharing about. You can relate it to yourself, to your locality, to the world and to whatever you think you should write about. You are your own storyteller. So write away!


p/s: I don’t know a lot about the widgets or apps to put on your blog, its a google away so im sure you can figure out how to do that yourself 😉









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