Dear ‘Freundin’

This was the first picture of you I took in 2010 actually, thanks to facebook, it says 16 december  But at the time, we weren’t close until we went for the georgetown festival on July 7th, 2011. I know this only because I saved it in my phone on the day you text me about going to the festival. You are the first friend who would help me finish the nasi kandar that night during the Nasi Kandar Festival, i was quite surprised though but dont mind it either. And ever since, we have been making our own ‘festival’ touring around Penang streets like I don’t know how many times already haha!

To be honest, i’ve always wanted to be your friend since the first day we met, but did not know how to be one since we don’t get to meet too often. But I am glad that the georgetown festival brought us together, else we would just pass by as just another friend who would hi hi bye bye at each other. Took us a while to figure out that we actually want to be best friends haha and now it seems like time flies so fast that we wish we have more time to spend with each other 😦

I’m not going to elaborate more on what I thought of you and all that mushy things, felt a bit awkward to write it here for the world to see. So I will write you a special letter, before you depart (do remind me, else i’ll just email you haha). But above all, I would like to sincerely thank you for the past few years since we became friends (i dont know really exactly the day we actually became one since we gradually became friends throughout the years, so stop counting because we have the rest of our life for that! )

I am glad you like the gift, its suppose to write like this:

 To Miss Gan Huey Ying, I leave my copy of (insert long book title here) in the hope that she will find it entertaining and instructive”


Hehe but you know what i mean  😉


Wishing you all the best in your future, may we get to meet again on the other part of the world in the near future. I know you’ll make it anywhere in the world as long as you put your heart on it. And yes, I’ll do the same for my own future. Don’t worry about me, okay, ive already got your ‘replacement’ haha kidding… who could ever replace you? ;PPP


 All my loving,






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