Search For MH370




All the hoohahs about boycotting Malaysian artist and anything related to Malaysia by some foreign media they claim people are trying to push us with China , is actually a very small portion of some netizens whom only small % of people have access with internet, who could also be from a multiple account fb commentors,  and pretty much a lot of distorted facts manipulated by some vested interest foreign media.

You have to see who owns what and who will profit from this issue if our good relationship with China are broken off. China have been our long time good friend since way before history were written, we have strong diplomatic ties since the Malacca Sultanate golden age until now, so i believe that China is not one country who would severe our long time friendship.

We lost our Malaysian crew & passengers as well (they also have family waiting for some glimmer hope about it), and Malaysia Airlines have never neglect their responsibility since day one, including our Government effort in the search with the rest of the 26 countries, so if we are incompetent, then what do you have to say to the rest of the team from these 26 countries including China & US? Its an international effort, which Malaysia are leading it, because we took our responsibility to carry out the search since its our airline, and even if its not, we would still offer to help to find it regardless

Just look at our diplomatic ties and relief mission in the past, look at Bosnia, look at Rohingya, and all the muslim related country effected, even if they aren’t muslim country, we still send our help whatever we can. I am not defending this just because its my country, but its my responsibility as Malaysian to stand up for whats right and defend it from the lies people put all over the net which sadly there are even Malaysians who is gullible enough to believe and spread unverified source and conspiracy theories which we like to sensationalize it just like how certain proportion of people who lovessss spreading gossips and knowing about who dates who marry who divorce who and laugh about other people’s misery while their own life is in a wreck.

These people have a black heart, who see nothing but bad things on others. They can never see the good in people, there’s a lot of parents or lovers, or even to themselves, who sees the worst in others or themselves but could never see there is some good in them despite their imperfections.

Life is not a straight linear line, its slightly crooked to some, and people aren’t perfect, government aren’t perfect, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t good people worth believing in, worth giving a chance, and would improve and become a better person if you believed more in them and encourage them and be kind towards them

There is no reason to be mean, to somehow theorize of all the things in the world , to blame that everything is the fault of some jewish conspiracy , for even among muslims, admit it, even between friends, even between family, there are people who conspires in taking others down in the worst way possible and meanest revenge as possible.

I know this because, i am not excluded from meeting the worst person possible, but i believe that in spite of everything that have happen, nobody are born evil until they grew up , meeting all other mean people, or have some sort black history that lead them to be who they are now.

Even if they are surrounded by good people or bad people, we all have the choice to be good or bad, in some point of our life. We are thrown in this world for a purpose, we meet all kind of people , not just to know them, but to know ourselves and who we are capable of being and what we do about these people we meet, and what we do with our life determines who we become later.

One thing for sure, everyone is trying their best to find the blackbox so don’t judge other people’s effort in retrieving it, if you have never sailed seven seas, or even sailed in a fishermen boat , in the open sea, don’t you dare type on that keyboard of what should or should not be done, finding the blackbox is not just a google away.

Its a microscopic view if you were to see from satellite, you turn one side, takes 3-4 days to get the image , which by then, it may have floated elsewhere if you were looking for debris. Try and put a paper boat on a bathtub, or the rubber duckie, will it stay still? Even if there aren’t any waves, it will slowly move unless there is an anchor.

Theories are just theories, anyone can make a website and write in so convincing way that you would believe there is a conspiracy, who knows its just a conspiracy to make it seem like there is one and then easily takes over our country from within or by making it seem like there is resistance in a country and then invade it via some ‘international law’. History repeats itself, they just need a reason or maybe no reason at all to gain whatever they want from any country in the world.

So for the sake of the victim’s family, whom even you don’t know what they are going through, even if you know, you can never know what they really feel, please..just stop sharing all those unverified source from mushrooms of website you dont know how true it is. Lies and lies have been fabricated so high that it covers the simple truth, either you call it Mother Nature, and those who believes in God, its gone beyond reasonable doubt, which God alone knows why He allows this to happen..whatever the reason behind this, it have definitely brought us together, into remembering Him more, and be reminded that our time on this world is shorter than we think

That it is possible for a plane like Amelia Earheart‘s to simply gone missing for years, with no trace at  all. And its NOT the first time such bizarre unexplainable missing happen in this world not just in Malaysia, but even developed countries, could not explain how did it happen to their own flights ,within their own technology capacity, and their own shores.

And if you were to put blame on one country alone, or the pilot alone,  then you should also question the manufacturers. You can’t blame a missing toy, just because you think someone hide it from you.

Its easy really, to blame one particular people or whoever you want, but its harder to not do that and give someone the benefit of the doubt , to resist our own mind and thoughts , from judging people, from assuming the worst of people, to just shut up and let the authorities do their job. Unless you can do a better job than them , unless you prefer to be out there finding it yourselves, just pray for the best, that truth will reveal to us of what actually happen to it.

Time is running out, so don’t waste other people’s time with your useless accusations. We don’t live on the internet..unless thats what you have been doing all your life which would be a pity since there’s more to life than just the internet and playing candy crush asking for ‘life’ .








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