Perhaps its true, when you give out more love,you will receive more love
And when you decide to give people more attention, there are people who will return your attention the way you gave yours

And i always believe that being nice are both an advantage and disadvantage. Its not a weakness but strength.

And i learn that i can no longer live alone for too long, i need people too, not because i need them but sometimes they need you too.

And i feel that when you learn to let go of yourself a little, you will smile more, laugh more, and make your life more meaningful.

And when you allow people to come into your life, when you start opening the door, you find so many interesting people coming into your heart , touching you in ways you never expect

And when i finally stop expecting from people, and stop looking for non existent thing from people,when i stop myself from thinking too much of what if’s, maybe ,..just maybe i dont have to look anymore. And focus on the people i already have rather than those i dont have.

He will come one day, for sure he will..he’s probably as busy as i am right now building our own career and making our own path before our path crossed with each other Because thats the kind of person i know id marry one day, who knows me too well that he would understand why i came to his life , pretty much late. Im late too, and he’s probably stuck somewhere. And one day, when the time is right, we will find each other. Because soulmates recognize each other in an instant. Their heart will tell them who they are. Its just a matter of time that our hearts are hidden from one another. We must keep it safe, and wont simply give to anyone other than each other.

As for now, i want to focus with myself, and the people around me whom ive taken for granted. Suddenly , time seems to fly so fast that my time with them seems so short, and find myself craving for more time to spend with them.


Thank you wajah-wajah kesayangan hamba 🙂


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