Kelantan to remember


This was the first time i travelled alone to Kelantan, I went there to attend one of my best friend wedding, I was quite nervous at first thanks to the MH370 incident. It somehow made my mind occupied so I find myself lost even though it was just a small airport.

It was until we were on the clouds that I felt much calmer, especially when I saw the sun rise. It was the first time I get to watch the sun rise that close so i was really awed by His majestic beauty that i did not slept through out the flight and spend the whole 55 minutes just marvelling at His creation.



Surprisingly, Kota Bharu airport was even smaller than expected, the first thing i notice about Kelantan is their simplicity. Like, I may not agree with the opposition but I do agree on slow development, we don’t really need too many sky scraper. And coming from the city, it was like going back to my kampung to be here. I felt right at home.

My friend fetch me like 30 minutes later or so, we went straight to visit her uncles funeral in her kampung. Then, I was introduced by some of her family members, she have 9 siblings, and dozens of niece & nephew from all age.It felt like being in school all over again, like, there is one group of kindergarten age of niece & nephew of hers, a group of primary,and a few secondary. So basically you will hear these kids running around the house,playing all sort of games & even singing songs together

They never fail to make me smile with whatever kiddy things they do.  I guess I miss that the most since by now everyone have grown up so you don’t really get to play around like that once you become adult. Good thing that I have my niece to play with once a while when i go home, the house were livelier now that we have them in the house.

One of her niece, whom they call ‘baby’ simply took a diapers and gave it to me to change her lol!  And a few of her nephew ‘interviewed’ me asking about my age and did not believe that i am the same age as their Aunt. Compliment, yes but still its awkward to hear that .

Below is one of my fave pics, the first one is when we are on our way back home from the funeral, The car have a window on top of the roof (i dont know what its called)  We just finished putting all the coconuts for the wedding preparation.They made a train line and passed the coconuts one to another until the back of the car. It was fun.


On another day, we went to Rantau Panjang , since that Munduk was closed for outside visitor. Munduk, is actually another side of Thailand border where Sg Golok located. My friend said, the price are way cheaper there  but too bad, we couldn’t go in. Instead we went here



Well, the food was okay. I tried Hot Dog Pulut , Akok, and the other one is Aiskrim Baba (originated from Thailand)  but i think i prefer Nasi Kerabu most since they use fresh meat and where else you can taste original Nasi Kerabu if not in Kelantan right? They usually have Nasi Berlauk every morning, rice with some sort of curry looking chicken.


On the night after my friend’s nikah, we stayed at another of our best friend’s house few minutes away, and i couldnt wait to get out of the house and explore around the kampung. So I went off with my camera after asking permission from her mother, since my friend went out to buy breakfast.

Crossed in between the coconut trees straight to the corn field and came across these kids accompanying their mom to work. After i snapped their photos , they went to their mom and told her about me. Quietly make my move and head back to my friend’s house lol!



The above picture is my friend’s father, he was shaving in front of an old mirror.

On the nikah night, there was a football match between Selangor & Kelantan, i’m not sure who won but Selangor was leading that time. So it was quite funny that as the bride & groom were busy taking photos with the guest and all that, the whole family deserted them and watch the football instead, one of the Kelantan player were about to score a goal…or not.

Here’s some of my fave photos during the akad nikah day. Shu (my best friend) was so calm handling what seems like about to go disastrous wedding , I don;t even know what would happen if it were me in her place. One thing I learn from her, is that there is no use to be so angered about things that went wrong, because it wont change the situation or make things goes right. For instance, there was a miscommunication on her pelamin, they only manage to put a white cloth as a background for photoshoot, still it turn out quite beautiful. So i guess, some things are beyond our control , so we just have to let it be and it will somehow fall into place the way it should be.

(above picture is not my photo)

The next remaining photos are collections of her niece & nephew photos. I must say, to have such a big warm and lively family like she have, you are sure one lucky family to have each other! I If you are reading this shu, thank you for welcoming me into your beautiful big family of yours. I had the most fun and happiest time there. Loved all your nephew & niece, and would definitely miss them!

Congratulations again on your marriage, may Allah bless your marriage with even more than what you already have. InsyAllah (“,)


p/s: your wedding video lambat sket eh hahaha





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